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Chrysanthe Baggin


Barmaid, Explorer, Sell sword


Circle of the Silver Swords

Outward Appearance

A bit tall for a hobbit with vibrant red hair the color of fire and eyes the seem to change from a bright blue to a sea foam green. She is a bit tall for her kind and tends to wear dresses. Her youth shows on her face and is covered in freckles. Her hair tends to fall into her face and her lips often have scabs from where she chews on them when she thinks. Her voice is soft and she has a faint Shire accent. Her height stands at the belt of a 6 foot man and she is mistaken for a child quite a lot.


  Chrysanthe was born a Baggin, She was kicked out of her home after her parents died. A ranger in the Shire raised her for a time until she was old enough to go out on her own. He taught her their language and how to read it. She had become quite the 'ranger' during the time she spent with him. She has adventured with the rangers in his place while he watches over the Shire and went to Dunland with a company of close friends before going on to explore Rohan.

She loves to be called Chrissy, don't call her Chris if you value your life. She has learned jewel crafting and loves to tinker with objects though she tends to do more as far as picking pockets then crafting. She tends to take anything shiny or money out of pockets though, never out of her close friends. Beware of her hidden knives as well as her temper. Though kind, if she feels threatened her temper becomes very short. 

Chrissy is also known for being childish, she loves to play ticks on those around her. Though most are harmless and nothing more then putting a mouse in someone's boot.

She has become close to Tahandil and calls him 'Ada' meaning father.




Demlemoth, Aallan, Tahandil, Brywulf, Brynliegh, Raevenhart


Tahandil is a father to her


Bambidal, Riizan


Food, music and adventure


Shouting, spiders and cold tea


To see all of Middle Earth


Adventure is fleeting but the memories are worth more then gold

Chrysanthe's Adventures

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Chrysanthe's Adventures

Chrysanthe's Gallery

Chrysanthe's Gallery