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Addicus Jacobs



ResidenceThe Prancing Pony


Outward Appearance

Addicus stands at an average height, and his build is most scholarly. He is clad in garments which, while not being overly fine, are certainly not beggar's fare, either. A certain distinguished air accompanies him, yet, he still appears rather friendly, and jovial. His hair is of a brown hue, and hangs at a medium length, brushed to the side rather carelessly. On his face is usually found a light scruff.



Addicus Jacobs grew up in a merchant town, about an hour's ride from Dol Amroth. Though his family was not rich, they had enough excess to facilitate an education under a tutor for young Addicus, which was maintained until his late adolescence. After his time under the tutor was finished, he traveled to Dol Amroth, where he took an apprenticeship under a wealthy merchant. Addicus was something of a natural, when it came to the merchant's trade. His master added an increasing amount of responsibilities to the young man's plate, until he was practically running one of the trade outposts on his own.

In time, Addicus' apprenticeship came to an end, and he set out into the world of business. As many new of his talents, finding employment was no difficult task. His former master may, or may not, have pulled a few strings, as well. Soon, he was working as a trader for the Eagle's Peak Trading Company, which was run by a good friend of his, though the man was many years his senior. He quickly rose through the ranks, securing a chief position within a few short years. As those years past, the Lion's owner progressed further into his already slightly advances age. He soon saw that he could not continue running the company much longer, so he sought out his successor. The choice came down between Addicus, and the owner's son. No one knows for certain what was said, but somehow Addicus convinced the son to refuse his father's mantle, and that is precisely what he did. With his son unwilling to accept command over the trade empire, there was only one option left. Thus, Addicus became the head of the company, and proceeded to expand its influence even further. Then, he sold the company to the former owner's son, who was willing to pay a large sum for his father's legacy. With the money acquired from the transaction, Addicus proceeded to start his own company, The Gilded Lion Trading Company. It was far smaller in employees than his former station, but that was no trouble. He quickly formed an alliance with the Eagle's Peak, and the two companies became rather profitable endeavors.

For reasons known to none but him, Addicus has, after a few years of great prosperity for his company, journeyed to Bree-Land.


((OOC: He is a very successful merchant. Those with access to such circles will have likely heard of him, especially if they are from, or have connections in, Gondor. He would be known as the proprietor of The Gilded Lion Trading Company. The company's symbol is a golden lion rampant a field of blue, with a silver star slightly up and left from the lion's head. ))


Most remain in Gondor.


The Jacobs family.


books, reading, writing, history, tea, travel




Addicus's Adventures

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Addicus's Adventures

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Addicus's Gallery