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Healer & Jewel-smith

AgeOld (born in the First Age)
ResidenceImladris (currently travelling)


Outward Appearance

This Elf is standing tall and proud - indeed there is something courtly to her bearing. That impression is only emphasised by the unwavering gaze from her clear grey eyes, which seem to have seen the sorrows of many years. Yet at times they shine brightly, so that they almost appear to burn - not with the light seen in the eyes of the Aman-born, but with the fire of her own spirit.

Thus, her looks and demeanour mark her as a Noldë (female Noldo).

Her raven hair is long, and sometimes shines with a fine shimmer, as if jewel dust got caught in it. She usually wears it pinned up neatly; and many of her hair pins are tipped with fair jewels.

Her shape is lithe, and her hands are slender and graceful.




Alquamírë ("swan jewel"), the name given by her father.
Norliriel ("fire song girl"), the name given by her mother, and also the name she is mainly known by.
Nárillë ("fire radiance"), a pet name used chiefly by her family - it would be rare indeed to meet one who knows her by this name and still abides in Middle Earth.

Norliriel was born in Gondolin. She is the daughter of Veryalindo, an Elf of the House of the Fountain, and his wife, who both were born in Valinor and came to Middle Earth with Fingolfin's host, across the cruel ice.

Even as a child delighting in play, Norliriel had a tendency to be calm and act like a proper lady. Raised in the bliss and safety of the Hidden City, her young mind was steeped in the lore and arts of her people, while the war against Morgoth seemed far away. Her only sorrow in those days was the absence of her father while he fought in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. He returned alive, however, thanks to the valiant Men of Dor-lómin who sacrificed themselves to cover the retreat of Turgon's host. Norliriel has never forgotten this, and thus holds kindness towards those Second-born who refuse to serve the shadow, especially Dúnedain.

In time, the child became a maiden. Love grew between her and Celeblin, a young maker of musical instruments, and they would share the innermost hopes of their hearts. Never did he love the works of his hands as much as when it was her who played on them, and never did she delight in music as much as in his presence.

Although their parents agreed to the union, Norliriel and Celeblin did not have time to enjoy their betrothal, for on the morning of the Gates of Summer, the host of Angband fell upon fair Gondolin, due to the treachery of Maeglin, whose name Norliriel refuses to speak ever since - when it is necessary for her mention him, she will use an indirect reference such as "the son of the Dark Elf", never "Maeglin" or "Lómion".

Although the fall of the White City brought the death of many Elves she knew and loved, Norliriel was still more fortunate than many on that day, because she survived.

Along with the other refugees, she journeyed south and dwelled at the Mouths of Sirion. Norliriel was wounded in the Third Kinslaying, a subject she does not desire to speak of even to this day.

After the War of Wrath, the Noldor received the pardon of the Valar and were once again allowed to come home to Aman, but Norliriel felt in her heart that it was not yet her time to leave Middle Earth.

During the Second Age, she dwelled first in Lindon, then in Eregion, at times visiting Khazad-dûm to learn from the Dwarves.


Her time in Eregion was a happy one for the most part, yet the memory of it is tinged with pain as well, for the "Lord of Gifts" who had been welcomed there was revealed to be no other than Sauron. His final gift was war, and Norliriel again saw the death of friends. She was among the Elves who fled north with Lord Elrond, and was there at the founding of Rivendell.

In the days of the Last Alliance, she went to the hated land of Mordor with the army of Gil-galad - not as a warrior, but at her place in the healers' tents she saw plenty of blood and death.

During the Third Age, she dwelled sometimes in Rivendell, sometimes in Lindon.



Danel, Eliriael, Manadhlaer, and others




Celeblin, though he passed to the Halls of Mandos. Her craft. Compassion. Music. Learning. The company of like-minded Elves.


The works of Morgoth and Sauron. Destruction of things beautiful.


Norliriel's Adventures

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Norliriel's Adventures

Norliriel's Gallery

Norliriel's Gallery