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Hunter by blood.

ResidenceThe Land Of The Snowmen

Luminen Taival

Outward Appearance


Her name Vaalea (L: pale, light, blonde), describes her appearance quite well, as this short woman has long light blonde hair and a pale complexion. Her pale figure is usually heavily clad in furs and midst the furs there stands two sharp glacier blue eyes surrounded by white eyelashes. Despite her small stature she appears hardy and capable of protecting herself, standing straight and proud. When she moves she carries herself in an agile fashion, appearing athletic, yet there'd be some softness in her form as well, most probably due to a northern fat-based diet.


Her worn clothes tell of times spent in harsh conditions. Her boots are made of leather muffled with furs, designed so that she can easily step without making a sound if she wishes so. She usually carries a knife, an axe and a bow on her person. There's often also a heavy backpack hanging on her shoulders  with deer's antlers and a shield tied into it. 



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Back in Forochel, some years ago, the shaman of Susi-heimo (the Tribe of the Wolf) called Vanha Juuta gave a prophecy which unsettled Vaalea and her little brother Valio. Vaalea's stubborn nature drove her to seek alternative paths and in an attempt to avoid the prophecy she escaped South, dragging Valio with her. 

/  /  / 

Vaalea is still learning Westron and she speaks with a thick accent, not understanding any of the more complicated words - or the 'tall words' - as she likes to put it. 

 /  /  / 

Vaalea has two sides. She can quite easily appear sweet and caring, but also very feral and threatening. In the middle of these sides is her playful nature - one can see her often running or sparring around with someone in a form of a 'friendly' challenge. She is more interested in dragging you into a running competition than in discussing about politics or chitchatting about something unimportant. 

She is afraid she will die a bad death, but the death itself worries her little. At times she seems even a bit too eager to meet her forefathers. For instance once she leaped down from a tall cliff into a river - never-minding the fact that she can not swim.  

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  
A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time."

 /  /  /  

"Earth has music for those who listen"

She is very religious and believes in the Great Spirits. She also views wolves as her ancestors and thus considers them holy. As an addition to that, she views some other predators holy too, as well as some old trees, ancient forests and stone formations. In general she treats nature with utmost respect. 

"Nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful,
strong tree. -  Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to
to them, whoever knows how to listen to them,
can learn the truth." 





Father: Lauri, Mother: Kaino (dead), Brother: Valio (dead), Daughter: Ainoa, Son: Hrafngrímr/Hrannu


Anyone who disrespects the wilderness or the Great Spirits earns quickly her distrust.


She loves to be challenged and to challenge. She loves her forefathers, the wolves and the wilderness. She also loves her family: her daughter Ainoa, her son Hrannu and her man Torgrun.


She hates frostbites, especially if one ends up losing a limb (She prefers to keep her fingers intact, or at least all the nine she still has left.)


To be a good hunter. She comes from a long line of hunters and being a hunter is not a profession to her, it's a way of life - which is highly entwined to her religious beliefs and includes respect and love toward nature and it's beings. She believes in good life (a free life) and in good death (death as a free being), thus she doesn't use traps while hunting.


"NO!", "In North hat man's best friend, if man have no hat, man dead."

Vaalea's Adventures

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Vaalea's Adventures

Vaalea's Gallery

Vaalea's Gallery