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Tîn Gilith - The Silent Child

Growing up when time has no real meaning is rather strange, nevertheless Gilith did age, slowly and steadily, just like a mallorn tree. Joyful times spent with her father when he was off-duty, listening to his tales of Elven mariners sailing across the sea, reading the stars, Elven legends and history; Gilith would listen intensely and learn.

Memories of her own mother however, are filled with sorrow. Nessithil was prone to sadness and was unable to show much affection for her own child, leaving a great void in Gilith's life. Nessithil disliked been asked about Gilith's silence, and deep down blamed herself.

Elven voices are silver and golden strands of paradise, they are like shimmering streams of pure water singing gently into the sea. A silent Elven child was, in Nissithil's eyes, a broken musical note in the harmony of life. 

So Gilith's mind did not turn to what would be assumed common at this stage of life. The distance between her and her mother grew so deep that Gilith came to relay solely on her father for guidance. As such, her devotion and the will to serve the Lord and Lady grew stronger and stronger with every passing year. 

Around this time in her life, her steady determination to learn and serve was rewarded with a place in the lower ranks in the Regiment of The Gate of the Order of Lórien. Having Silvan heritage, Gilith always found herself with a natural draw towards nature and the woods, able to hold a bow and shoot arrows.

Once noticed by her superiors, she was put through training by archery tutors. From this, her dedication to the Bow and Arrow went from not only providing her with a sport in her free time, but adding her assistance to the guarding of the outer gates as a sentinel. She remained 'the silent child', though in the regiment, her inability or unwillingness to use language was seen more as an asset than a fault.