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The Araswaith

Founding date April 2017
Goal Varies from contract to contract / Keep enemy forces in the North from reinforcing their holdings in the South
Main area of operations Bree-land, North Downs, Evendim / Varies depending on contract
Kinship type Mixed

The Dunedain, Free Peoples


Varies on contract, northern hostile forces.

Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)



The Araswaith are a versatile group of mercenaries composed of members of varying backgrounds, descent, and race. They are soldiers for hire who mainly operate within the northern regions of Middle-Earth, taking on individual contracts as well as contracts by company.

Despite being a group of sellswords, the Araswaith live by a strict moral code in which they do not accept contracts involving assassination or those that would seek to empower causes harmful to the people of Middle-Earth. It is a rule for them to treat prisoners as they themselves would want to be treated, and as such, prisoners are provided food and proper shelter and are not subject to torture. They work as a military unit, and take it as a great offense to be called criminals, brigands, cutthroats, or expendable.

The Araswaith is led by Arasfor, with Hestfrid as his lieutenant, and currently reinforces Trestlebridge from enemy skirmishes while keeping agents around Bree-land, Ered Luin, and the Shire for information.
OOC Information

The Araswaith is a med/heavy RP kinship for those interested in being part of a group roleplaying as a sellsword company akin to military companies for hire. The kin operates mostly around the northern regions, but may vary depending on contact which could potentially move us further south.

We accept people from all races and classes, whether you RP as fighters or non-combatants.



Merithir Merithir Arasfor Man

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