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Merithir Arasfor


Commander of the Araswaith, Sellsword

AgeMiddle aged
ResidenceBree-land, Trestlebridge, Evendim / Varying from contract to contract.

The Araswaith

Outward Appearance

Merithir has long brown hair which he partly ties in a pony tail while leaving the rest free to cover his neck. He is a tall man, with a body built for combat, his eyes are green and can either be warm and expressive, or as cold as ice. He wears leather armor complemented with iron shoulder plates, boots, and gauntlets. His helmet is his most striking piece of equipment, being the host of the antlers of a great stag that he had bested after a great hunt during his time with the Dunedain. It is this helmet which has given him the title "Arasfor", the Stag of the North.


Merithir was born on TA 2978 in Lossarnach within the realm of Gondor. During his early years, he worked as an assistant for a local blacksmith in Arnach. Once he came of age, he willingly signed up to train and serve within the army of Gondor, and was sent to Minas Tirith soon after.

He served as a soldier of Gondor for several years, Up until TA 3010. It was in this year that, while stationed in osgiliath, he spoke against the rule of steward Denethor II and some of the nobility of the realm, who he believed inefficient and careless, for not having sent aid to Rohan, for not being more watchful and diligent in keeping watch against the enemy's movements, and for allowing gondor to slowly fall in ruin and decay as they indulged in their desires.

For this, he was removed from the army and was sentenced to imprisonment. As he was being brought back to Minas Tirith from osgiliath for trial, however, he escaped his jailors and rode from North from the pelennor, until he reached Bree-land.

He now works as a sellsword, taking contracts that allow him to strike against enemy forces that threaten the free peoples of Middle-Earth. In this line of work, he follows a set of rules that he has established for himself, in which he declines offers which aim to harm innocents or support causes which seek to undermine or cause harm to the realms of the free peoples.

Due to his experiences, Merithir can be somewhat reserved at times, especially when it concerns business. Most of the time, however, Merithir can be described as a witty and friendly man, welcoming to most people and saving his anger towards his enemies.

His interest in lore and music is on par with his interest and eagerness for battle, and he can be seen studying maps or reading books when not standing on a table singing as loudly as he can.

He is known by the name of "Arasfor" and "The Stag of the North"


Time and Relationship with the Dunedain

Reaching Bree-land, Merithir originally found work as a guard for Adso Haybanks in his venture, fighting against the Blackwolds and dealing with general security in the area. It was here that he was approached by the Ranger Saeradan, whom he worked closely with for a long time alongside other Rangers in decreasing the threat of the Blackwolds in the area as well as tracking down the source of the Blackwolds' recent reinforcements and supplies.

He had resigned from his post in Adso's Camp to live amongst the Dunedain, and it was around this time that he bested a great Stag in the woods during one hunt. In respect to the creature, he had the antlers used in crafting a helmet which he uses until now. It was this very helm that gave him the title of "Arasfor", given to him by the Dunedain. He remains close friends with the Rangers, calling them his "charming friends, ever loyal to a green rock" in times of jest.

Relationship with the Elves

Not as close as most of the Dunedain, Merithir is, however, acquainted with the Elves of Imladris and Ered Luin. He can speak Sindarin, and has shared information and goods with Elves who have either been scouting and guarding against the Shadow, or have been on the road, heading to the Grey Havens.
Relationship with the Dwarves

Merithir's relationship with the Dwarves is that of strangers. Though he has made some friends with a few of Durin's Folk, and gives them the same respect as he does with the other Free Peoples', he is not widely known within the realms of the Mountain Kings. If anything, word about him can only be heard within the Dwarven settlement of Othrikar in the North Downs.

Relationship with the Hobbits

Stilbo and Rickwise are two of the few Hobbits who know of Merithir's existence, and he shares a close and friendly relationship with them. Merithir knows of the Shire folk from his time with the Dunedain, and has contributed (and still does, with the Araswaith) to its security. Work aside, the few Hobbits who know or have seen the Stag are mostly merchants, travellers, or folk from Staddle and Bree.

Relationship with Men

Merithir can get along with most people, but generally tends to be uneasy and restrained when around folk from Gondor (As he is an Exile and a criminal of said realm). He does enjoy the company of several friends of this race, especially those who hail from Rohan and Dale. Due to recent events, he has distanced himself and become somewhat wary and distrustful towards the people of Bree. He has a great respect for the people of Dol Amroth, as he views them as one of the few true allies that Gondor has, and Prince Imrahil one of the few Nobles with great competence.


Stilbo, Rickwise, Hestfrid




Combat, dueling, lore, maps, military tactics, history, horse riding, and music. He has a soft spot for Aurochs.


Stuck up Nobility (Especially those in Gondor), Denethor II, being called a Deer.


Strike against the forces of Sauron, defend the North and stop enemy forces there from reinforcing their holds in the South.


"And what does Gondor suffer from most? The might of the Enemy, or the negligence and incompetency of those sworn to lead it?", "And tell me, boy, do we not serve the very Crown you so ignorantly praise? Do we not die for that crown the same way as your soldiers do? And if your cause is so just, so right then tell me: Why is it that you require us to fight and make that point for you? Before you look down on my men, make sure we aren't the ones living so you don't have to die."

Merithir's Adventures

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Merithir's Adventures

Merithir's Gallery

Merithir's Gallery