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Preparations must be arranged...

It was yesterday since Aallan sent the letter to the man who called himself his father.  The night prior, he had already thought of a plan to escape once the meeting between father and son was finished or went wrong for the latter.

To set this implementation, he had gathered ten bows from the hapless Blackwolds in Chetwood, where he was residing at this time.  In addition, he found five long coils of rope in their hideout.

How this was accomplished was simple enough.  First, he knocked out the watcher, then crept his way to their supplies, where he helped himself to a tent.  Luckily, none were inside, since he intended to take the whole flap to carry the bows, arrows, and rope along with him. On his way out, he of course ran into two of them still awake, with a third one behind him.  His solution of course was to tumble between the first two and blind one of them.  He then gut punched the other, as the third had been thrown his friend... this of course gave Aallan time to get behind him and tap him on the head with a cudgel. 

With this business done, Aallan set out to find a nice place for where the meeting would be, then to the sides, where he found a nice branch at a tree top.  He had set to attaching little threads of the rope to the bow strings, then setting each arrow against a bow string.  Climbing back down, he verified the rope could hold the arrows in place until he gave a tug, which let the arrows fly.  After climbing back up, he reattached the arrows to the bow.  He of course repeated the process, though in a bush on the other side of the tree "archers".

In addition, he had successfully coiled a few snares to entrap any reenforcements Richard may have brought along for the attack.  These would be cut from the remaining unused rope after the arrow traps were set.  Setting four in the north end of the meeting spot, and another five in the south end, the snares were then covered with dirt and leaves to camouflage them from the prying eye.

Once his false bowmen were in place, he worked out a small route on the ground to cover his escape.  His trusty horse Longfellow would be stationed behind the tree with the bows, so as not to get caught in the crossfire.  Now with the pieces in place for the big day.. all Aallan needed to do was wait for his father and the watch.