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Just ordinary perfect day

She turned in bed, still sleepy when indelicate knocks on her apartment doors were to wake her up. Dawn was on the brink, and it earlier came by each day, so she didn't light a candle, and went to the doors, opening them she found her homeowner already gone but pitcher with hot water at the foothold. 

"Good morning, miss Arrowdale!" she yells to downstairs and silent grumble greets her back. Smiling she goes to the basin near her bed, and fills it with warm water, with dash of soap on her hands she washes herself up well, then goes to armoire to choose what to wear. She knew she was blessed with mother that was extraordinary seamstress, so she had five dresses to choose from. From simple but lace decorated black, violet dress with blue glass stones on her sleeves, to the pale blue and dark blue one. She stood there just as every day, then just pulls out the pale blue one, that she loved so much. After dressing up, she unbraided her still wet hair, and started to comb it all trough the length of it that ended just under waist line. Raven locks were heavy but rich in waverley texture from braid. She pins few strands off her face with simple iron pin shaped as letter U.


With slice of bread in her hand and few drizzles of honey on it, she would walk around room or just stare trough the window to the street. It would already busy, farmers carrying their produce from farms to the Market around Bear fountain. She would notice Nob walking around, with bucket of water, probably feeding horses in Prancing Pony stables.

Just as sun would raise behind the roofs of Bree, shape of ruined tower would as ever catch her interest, and she would let a sigh.

"One day." she would whisper before gathering box with quills and her drawing book and private diary she kept all time in the satchel. After last look in small mirror she would leave her apartment and enter the street. Taking a breath of fresh morning air she would look around and take a path at side of the street, not wishing to be run over by carriage or reckless rider. 

- "First strawberries for the pretty lass! Only fifty coppers for you!" - she would hear one of shouts, recognizing her own oldest brother. Smiling she approached to the young and handsome man, that had same raven locks around his face and strong farmers figure with crafty arms and a bit unkempt look. He would pull her into a bone breaking hug and intentionally ruffle her hair, making a fuzzy sheep of her all of sudden.

- Little sister! - he pinches her cheek, and she nudges him with elbow in his guts.

- Good morning, Farren, leave my hair be! - she smiles and tries to repair the damage with fingers. He leaned on the stall and crossed his arms.

- Mother wonders when you will come home, she didn't see you for two weeks now. - he asks with scolding tone.

Lisbeth frowns, mostly on herself as days in town were overwhelming and passed so quickly. 

- And father? Did he ask for me? - she asks with stung of guilt.

- He is still know him.. he wanted that marriage for you, and him, of course. But he will get over it. Maybe Maxwell will get engaged with Haywort's youngest daughter, but I think she is rather young for marriage, only fourteen. And you know Maxwell... fat bastard. - Farren comments as occasionally shouting his sale offer, surrounded with red strawberries and other produce.

Just in that moment a round figure of her youngest brother, older only two years from her.

Maxwell grabs her around waist and raise up laughing.

- You are a twig! Mother will have our skin for not taking good care of you! - he lets her down and pull into bearlike embrace. The ginger hair was decorating his head and face, as he wore a beard since he could so. 

- Max! - he hugs him tightly, noticing he got stronger, or fatter, now doubling look of their oldest brother. - You are wider and wider, Max. And I heard you will get engaged to Alvina, youngest Haywort. - she looks up at him to see his expression.

Maxwell rubs his beard and shrugs. - I need to get married, anyway, I am not of picky sort, if she is a good cook of course. - he pats his round belly and laughs.

Lisbeth snickers and looks around seeking middle brother. "Where is Waylen?" she picks strawberry from a small box and takes a bite.

Maxwell and Farren look at each other, and she sensed something off.

- He is at home, someone had to stay and deal with father. - Farren finally says.

Lisbeth nods not surprised. 

- You know him, he got drinking in Combe too much last night, we had to pick him up and bring home. Mother is fine, he does not dare anymore to land a bad look at her. But, we thought its safer if Way stays at home and help mother. - Max continues after Farren got a customers to deal with. 

Lisbeth frowns and shakes head, feeling sort of the guilt about not being there with them.

Maxwell pats her shoulder "You dont worry, my little sister. Mother is fine, and farm is doing great. When you can come home, mother is very proud of you, very proud. Just dont be foolish and fall in trap with some handsome man. Alright? Men are pigs. -

- You are a man. - she says with smile.

- I know, that is why I say we are pigs, or wolves, or just skirt chasers. - he winks and whistles after three young Bree ladies pass by the stall giggling.

- See? We are pigs. - Max says. 

- I am a wolf, rawrr - Farren says and howls a little, girls turning their heads toward him. Giggles burst out of all as Farren shouts after them. - Berries, Strawberries for your red cheeks, one bunch for a look, whole yard for your kiss! - he shouts after the golden haired one.

Lisbeth face palms and sends a hefty hit at back of Farrens head "You are married, you dog."

Farren rubs back of his head ouching. "I know! That is why I am shouting, not chasing her by the foot."

Maxwell laughs and nudges Farren. Lisbeth bursts into a giggle but shakes her finger. "I will tell you to my sister in law! Watch it." and walks off while two men look at each other with worried glance, before bursting into a hearty laugh.


Lisbeth continued her path toward Town hall, smiling all the way, but as she entered the hall she was greeted by sour looks. 

- You are late. - Notary greets her and pushes pile of letters - Deliver them, and be fast about it, miss Harrow. - 

- Apologies! My brothers were at market..and they..well- Yes master Notary! - and runs out again to the bustling streets with satchel full of letters.

The day has begun.