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Lisbeth Harrow, married Thornley


Freelancer scribe, Farm - land owner

AgeYoung (22)

Newharrow Hamlet

Outward Appearance

She would capture your gaze easily, with soft brown locks, and blue eyes, unusual for a Breelander. Of average height and figure, she is mellow and soft hearted scribe in Town hall. As aspiring scholar (and adventurer) she is seen in modest, very conservative cuts of dress, mostly in tones of blue. Her waist long hair is overnight braided, appearing over day with lush  waves of soft brown hair,  with simple pin pulling some hair off her face. She has few earrings made of simple blue stone on silver cast, that she wears daily, and silver ring, made of two small birds is seen on her fingers.

One cant call her gracious, but she is not also a brute when she walks. She is quick on her steps and sometimes too quick, often to be seen tripping over cobble stones, carpets or just uneven boards of floor. 

She would also squint as looking into distance, unable to make faces straight until gotten closer, which reveals she is shortsighted (due to too much reading perhaps).

Lisbeth is well spoken, and she restrains herself from usual Breelander dialect, due to mothers insisting that all of her children will speak properly.




Bits and pieces

Vault of Coins: 3 gold 200 silver coins

Income: depends on sale of the land, produces from the farm and some small freelancing as scribe around village

Weekly expenses: Expenses now count in family expenses and gambling debt of her father in sum of 7 gold that has to be returned to father-in-law of Lisbeth, Northom's father.

Place of living: Harrowsteads

Occupation: After marriage she moved completely to her family home, focusing on the managing of the family lands as she became rightfully owner after series of unexpected events. She as ever offers her services as a scribe to anyone that needs one.

Skills: Writing and reading, painting, drawing, miniature art in books, mediocre cooking and no survival skills at all.

Flaws: Can do too many projects in one time, and finishing none, she is prude but a bit of a hypocrite, strong willed (she broke her arranged engagements as she didn't want to get married of yet).

Health issues: Shortsighted

Romance and life philosophy

After breaking engagement that were forced by her father (first time, before she came to Bree), cause he wanted connections with wealthy mill owners, she set her heart to be free of any permanent bonds. 

Lisbeth is very liable regarding affection, especially those revealed in public. Gaze and stolen smile is more then enough for her, until she is alone with one. Then her warmth and open mind is revealed, she does not hide her needs, but will not either put them in open. Currently she is suffering from unreturned infatuation toward Dagramir, considering Red-headed Dandy Narys her mortal enemy (but part of Lis admires her a lot).


After being forced for the greater good to marry a man she didn't even knew beforehand, and all that happened after sudden wedding, she is formally married to Northom Thornley, yet just week after wedding the both were tricked to step in, he left the Breeland to unknown destination.



Harrow family counts for generations that they were on the same plot of land, half of mile away from Bree, south of the great road, a large modest farmhouse was raising in the valley now known as Newharrow hamlet. Few generations were always living together there and in last one in which Lisbeth was born it was a house full. 





Friendly by nature, she call many a friend, but only few count as a great friends.


Husband Northom, Parents, four older siblings (three brothers and a sister) , other relatives.


Spilled Ink over finished work


Smell of paper and books, blue flowers ( Forget me not ), history and stories


Father Jacob


That some of her work be of use to future generations as many helped her


- "Interesting!" -

Lisbaeth's Adventures

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Lisbaeth's Adventures

Lisbaeth's Gallery

Lisbaeth's Gallery