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A Venture for Adventure

((IC location of this notebook/diary is in satchel that hangs off her shoulder most often))


There was no Harrow's with fling for adventure, not a single one. But my mothers family, the infamous and famous peculiars had many names, some called them Ventruers, but their real family name was quite simple Hart. Well quite an interesting is that most of them said, they have guts, they have heart.

Well Hart, were no doe's at all, Bree-dwellers for many generations, had fine townhouse at Scholars walk (that my mother sold to cover my fathers debts, let me loudly sigh!), house full of books, maps and trophies. I would rather be a Hart, but I am Harrow also. Reserved, playing on safe, always tripping, clumsy, soft, afraid of bugs, I fear I am not deserving to be called an Hart of yet.


Since Hart were great explorers and many of maps that are in use in Bree and further were made by them, they had reputation of very able scholars and adventurers.


Now that I hear many, like Yeornya and others i see that come to Pony, chose life of adventure, and not daily job..I wonder could I also do it? I doubt it. I really doubt it.

But I want it!!!

But I shouldn't, I have no skills, I don't know to start fire, or hunt.

Perhaps I should just attach myself to adventurers? Or hire those for my venture? With what coin? I laugh at myself.


I will wait for chance, and in mean time explore town of my mothers family. So many alleys and nooks to discover, meet people, write..and wait..wait for a venture.