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Call for an Orc hunt

*A boy runs around Bree-town, shouting a message*

"Warg-riding orcs have been spotted in the Lone-lands! Lady Ynel with her comrades welcomes anyone with fire in their hearts and love for Bree-land to join on a hunt tomorrow, starting from the Forsaken inn. All welcome to sweep the hills and send orcs to the moon!"


Date:April 7th, 2017 - April 10th, 2017
Time:1 PM Server time
Location:Forsaken Inn

Event details:OOC details:

((Just a casual RP-action event for general slaughter of orcs Ic. Nothing fancy, but lots of fun. starting 1PM server time and extending as long as peopel are about.))


Ynel, Nashta, Qswas, Taliom

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