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Crumbled up paper with scrawlings

What the hell is wrong with me?  I should never have left the happy group like this.  Then again, Dryn gets a new haircut, Bryn and Conrob return from their getaway, Raven and Ithy are getting married, and all I can think about is how the father who left me to rot in jail as a young boy is known to those he meets as a hero.  

I should have known and recognized that old bastard.  Leaving me in front of the jail like that, and I still remember those last words he told me.  He said I belonged in jail and was a little shit.  What did I ever do to him?! I don't even remember!  The woman Brynleigh was working for said her husband left her and her son, and I just had something go off in me to drive me away from those who I call my friends.  

That man in the armor IS my father now that I got a better look.  He said my name with so much venom, I swore he wanted to kill me.  I've got to get him away from town somehow before he uses any of my friends against me.  That self-serving son of a bitch of course gets praised by those he meets, and I still am working to make my way into the world.  

I can't let him near the others... who knows what he might do.