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Return to the Barrow Downs (Part 2)

Once inside the tomb of Maenadar, Aallan could only see the band of brigands, accompanied by the robed man.   Each twist and turn, the halls grew darker and fouler with the stench of decaying flesh.  Footsteps could always be heard ahead, mixed with hushed chatter between the armed thugs.  Minutes passed, as this manner continued, as there was no sight of walking dead, or even malignant spirits lurking about.  At last, the evil folk arrived to a second stone door, before the man in robes set his hand on it, lowering the door to deeper into the tomb.  Brigands kept their allied sorcerer in between their ranks, as Aallan could only watch from his distance.  

However, this pattern could not last, as both parties entered the waterlogged floors of the tomb, as they lay below the winding staircase of hallowed stone and dirt.  At the bottom of the stairs, large rooms were supported by old and decaying wooden beams, which would give way in a matter of decades.  When Aallan finally set foot into the very shallow waters of only half an inch, two of the brigands were apparently told to keep watch at a doorway, while the others pressed forward.  A minute passed with Aallan still hidden from prying eyes, as he formulated a plan to move past the watching brigands.

He took a single pebble one could easily find on the ground, and threw it to one end of the room, where one brigand ran to for investigation of the noise.  When he turned around, he could only see the unconscious body of his compatriot, laying there.  Soon enough, a crack on the back of the head dealt with him as well, as Aallan put away his blackjack he used on the two.  He took no time at all in hesitating to loot their persons for anything, to which he disarmed them, and relieved them of their ill gotten coin.

Before he could advance further, he heard screaming from the end of the tomb, and a sickly green light emanating from the chambers ahead.  He then took cover at a stone coffin, and only peeked to witness something... that something being of the robed magician.  He was seen holding two of the original ten brigands, as they struggled in vain for him to release them, their bodies shriveling to withered husks, drained of their lives.  Three men who objected to their comrades' demise were met with their reanimated corpses, which promptly slew them and tore flesh from bone.  With that, those who were still alive could only hasten their searching for something in particular.

Aallan crept further near the door of the tomb proper, when he noticed something brush against his foot.  He hastened to the wall of the door, after grabbing it.  Examining this thing, it appeared to be a slightly tarnished silver key, with a ruby in the shape of a crown attached in its ring.  Only a brief moment later, the robed sorcerer stepped out with his eyes seeming to glow.  "Give it to me.", the sorcerer said, with his palm open to Aallan.  He had found the relic the missive asked for.