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The Warband Chronicles


The Eorlingas

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Any who rides under the banners of the Horselords of Rohan, friends, allies and foes.

Chronicle Summary

A chronicle to share and record tales, memories and adventures, as a band of warriors and non-combatants sworn to each other’s equal service, travel through Riddermark in search for adventure and providing aid to their kin.

Chronicle Content

Stangard was lost

War rages in the Riddermark

No one goes safe as the orcs, wild-men and easterlings, burn and murder the proud Horselords. Thanes of every town in the Eastemnet are each fighting their own war; some sit behind great walls of stone and waits the enemy out, while others are taking a more active stance as their neighbours are threatened and their outlying farms are scorched.

And there are those brave spirits who go from town to town, from farm to farm, from one family to another, to give aid and a strong sword and shield wherever they can. Victims of the changing spirit of the Mark, and beset by vengeance. Forever bound together by friendship and love where others choose to stand alone, these courageous few are doing their part in redeeming the eastern Riddermark from the darkest of enemies, until the day comes when Théoden King muster the Rohirrim under his banner again. At the same time, they are always keeping up a cheerful spirit and a proud heart, to bring hope and joy wherever they ride; forever inspired by Béma, the Great Rider's guiding hand and the great deeds of Eorl the Young.

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