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An emissary of the Red Company

Finally I got a new a new idea.

Once Rohirric, now a real Bree-lander, I decided to visit Rivendel on my own. I am actually curious to the other peoples and communities in the world. The Red Company moves somewhat in Bree-land, but I am quietly roused there are happening other things too beyond our borders. Since the Company has already traveled a time or two to Rivendel, I still knew the way. I was only a simple man in these halls. Much of wind I got in the ride and this are my findings of the hall of fire:


I actually expected I would be a bother in the daily doings of the elves. Wrong. They were very keen and excited with the arrival of a mortal one. With many they were and although they said me their name, none of them I can remember. Elven wine they drink, but I preferred my coffee. They enter the hall and leave whenever they like. Female elves look to be curious for unusual newcomers like me. The male elves talk with each other about their daily doings. They speak Elvish and I do not understand. I could not even determine if they spoke Sindarin or Quenya. But for a special guest like me, they fetched the best Westron they have. Some already better than others. Even these gracious wise creatures do not master the language fully and do have their accents, for the common speech isn't used all day by them. You may understand I was amazed when one said me a bit of real Rohirric. I got to know that most of them hailed from the house of Bar-En-Vanimar, and these elves are divided in different orders. Some didn't belong to any house, and the one who spoke Rohirric claimed to be from 'the warband'. I was an emmisary and wanted to let my voice of The Red Company sound in the hall. 


Honored I am to meet this fantastic people. But it felt uneasy for these fair creatures had to switch their mind to the Westron, only for a mortal one. I'm afraid I shouldn't show my face there again, or I'll need to send another elf to report.

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