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Theogorn, explorer of Fangorn



AgeMiddle aged

The Red Company

Outward Appearance

Theogorn hails from the Kingdom of Rohan in the south and as of this, he bears magnificent platinum blonde coloured hair that reaches his shoulders. But his eyes are tinted emerald green, combined with a gentle straight pointy nose. In truth he is only of average height, but because of his slimness and his facial expression he shows a noble look. Unfortunately he does have a beard which is a tiny bit unminded, revealing Theogorns chaotic personality. Whenever you see him, usually he's carrying his traveling gear, fit for battle and the wild, as these are his passions. With him, he carries a straight bronze sword of Rohirric make, inherited from his uncle.


Theogorn is the son of a well established inn-keeper in Beaconwatch. He himself chose the path of the hunters. He was famed for killing many boars, but his greatest deed was venturing into the notorious Fangorn forest, a daring act for which he is, even now, still known for. It is said that he lost his wife in childbed and that he ventured into the open world of Middle-Earth in a flare-up of desperation.

This man is quiet of nature and likes to stay in the background, but he will not deny company. He's soft and friendly and he is bright, though he likes to keep things simple and to be underestimated by others. In the woods he feels comfortable and this gives him courage and confidence. However, he's deadly scared of fire. He worries often and sometimes shows signs of cowardice. His mind is quickly stuffed, making him a troubled man, and only a good cup of coffee can make him relaxed again.

He is skilled enough in the martial arts with the sword. He knows the history of his country well, but also possesses useful knowledge about Dunland and their tribes, as he traveled there long ago for scouting. He cannot write or read, but plays the flute in his free time, singing many songs. He's precise in the rohirric language, but also masters the common speech. He is very useful as an interpreter.








Coffee, his horse, the wild, snow, music, tales


Beer, noise, fire




Once bitten, twice shy

Theogorn's Adventures

The sense of ill tidings 35 weeks 4 days ago
Rest in the golden wood 35 weeks 4 days ago
Payement of death 35 weeks 4 days ago
Flight to Lothlórien 36 weeks 17 hours ago
Lend me a hand 36 weeks 17 hours ago
Theogorn's Adventures

Theogorn's Gallery

Theogorn's Gallery