Gaurandir Losthoron, Valkoinen Vartija

Name Gaurandir
The Ice Wastes of Forochel
Outward Appearance

Tall man with short brown and messy hair, of pale skin. Big round eyes, dark grey, are crowned with long eyelashes. Small nose, sets upon his lips with no expression, but he is a mysterious person. With all that happened to him through his life he gained experience that gives him the advantage of being able to survive in the most dangerous weather conditions. Strong, wide shouldered with muscular arms and legs represents typical hunter. Many scars could be seen on his face and on his body as his lifestyle haven't been easy. "Gaurandir" (The Wolf Pilgrim) or "Losthoron" (The Snow Eagle) for many remains hidden. He roams the lands wearing his garb, while his hooded cloak and a mask guards his face before the other's sight and before the chilly northern winds. He removes her mask and hood only when she speaks with someone close to him or when he really trusts you. Though, it is not an easy task to get close, cause his pack of wolf-companions is not letting anyone approach him in most encounters. 


He favours using his bow (Arpilin [Noble Arrow]) and various types of arrows while he hunts and protects the lands of Forochel. Might be seen that he also uses swords if it comes to close combat but would rather be using daggers which he finds more subtle. All of his weapons are crafted by him.


Armour and appearance:
Any that makes him comfortable and helps him stay warm and survive. He loves to cover his face from the other's eyes. 

- Horses:
He has one of the northern horses that accompanies him.

- Other:
Gaurandir is a man that survived because of the wolves, they are accompanying him since then. He is almost always seen surrounded by the northern wolves. 4 or 6 of them. 


Before you stands a man 6'4 Feet tall of unmatched skill with bow and arrow. Gaurandir Losthoron (Wolf Pilgrim, Snow Eagle), looking around 35 years old, althrough he is older than he looks. (50 years old, known only to his closest). His grey eyes are mostly focused on the lands where he remains still, an Icebay of Forochel with a pack of the wolves. That makes him characteristical. The Lossoth gave him one of their own names, calling him Valkoinen Vartija (The White Guard), but for the other people he remains under the name: Leofrid Hemsworth. His background remains unknown to almost everyone but him and those who have known his family. 

None or unknown to him.
Enemies of The Dunedain
The Lands where he was born, his kindred and the wolves.
Noise, Drunkards, Orcs and Gauredain
" I can survive vis' or vis'out you.."

Gaurandir's Adventures

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Gaurandir's Adventures

Gaurandir's Gallery

Gaurandir's Gallery