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Black Moors Badgers

The Brandy Badgers are going to rehearse again, and them invite all music-minded sorts to come listen in! And this time, them will play their old favourite tunes by master Richo from the Black Moors! And some new ones too!

October 3rd, 2016
7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
Michel Delving square

Floating Log Friday

Ol' Flourdumpling is still busy stuffing his face over in Bywater, and there are lots of visitors there stepping on the local hobbits. So naturally, the weekly hobbit inn night will move from the Green Dragon! To The Floating Log!

September 9th, 2016
8PM UK (3PM servertime)
Floating Log Inn, Frogmorton

Grand Summer Picnic

Joy of joys, the summer is near! And summer means time for food and drink! Well, so does the rest of the year too, but there’s one thing summer surely brings. Picnics! Get ready for this year’s Grand Summer Picnic!

July 31st, 2016
7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
On top of The Hill, on the top of Bag end, south of Hobbiton

4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk and Tales

"It's big, it's broad
It's broad it's bright,
It fills the sky on All Hallow's Night.
The grandest sight ye've ever seen.

Tis the Party Tree on Hallowe'en!"


Aye, tis that time o year again. That strange and creepy place that even Mr Bilbo weren't too keen on entering, has reopened it's door. Now, fer those faint at heart and far too scared fer their own good - here's yer chance ter see inside.

Aye, ye heard right. Have no fear, Yer Nan's here ter look after ye all and keep them ghosts and spiders at bay. 

Each year Ah've lead in those brave and no ser brave lad's and lassies, willing ter walk with me. The trick ter it is, ye dunna come as yerself! No, and that's the magic ye see? 

The order o the day is fancy dress ter confuse and scare them that's lives inside. We'll trek from attic ter basement, finding chests hiden and lost hobbits. No fergetting the odd stop now and then fer a wee bite ter eat ter keeps our strengths up. 

We'll end yon night round the fire in Bag End, as we do. I know, I know... her outside is just as scary, but I'll have a word or two with her afore hand - plus a wee something from me still to smooth the way.

We'll share some tales and poems ter scary ye, and hope that her outside stays there!

November 1st, 2015
3 PM (GMT)
We meet at the Ivy Bush in Hobbiton

Grand Order 8th Anniversary Party

The hobbits of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom have great delight in inviting our friends and acquaintances to a party of special magnificence on occasion of our seventh anniversary, to be held on Saturday November 14th. Welcome friends!

November 14th, 2015
7:30PM UK time (2:30PM servertime)
Songburrow, 4 Brookbank Street, Shire Homesteads

Harvest Tales - Songs and Stories of the Harvest

Now the time tis turning ter Harvest, and the month of Winterfilth tis half done. What better time ter gather an celebrate the fine apple trees that give us such grand bounty!

Here's ter the pies, the jams and the cider!

Bring yer baskets, gather yer fill and raise a glass ter the mighty apple, and while we're there, why no tell some tales and raises the spirits!

So, if ye've a mind, ah welcome ye one and all ter join me in the mighty Appledore's orchard fer a time of tales and a few songs - if'n some would have a mind ter sing.

If ye wants ter sing, please lets me know and I'll put ye down fer the night.

Now ye needs ter know the times and such.

October 3rd, 2015
8 pm ( BST )
Appledores orchard, near the top o' The Hill - The Shire

The Grand Journey Home part 2: Bree to Ost Guruth

They say there are hobbits living outside of The Shire. Outside of The Breelands too. Far away to the south-east, in a land called Everwait! Imagine all they can tell us about hobbit history? We just have to go visit!

September 13th, 2015
7:30PM UK / 2:30PM servertime
Meet outside the Prancing Pony in Bree

Summer Tales In The Shire

As a wee lassie, ah well remember sitting at me gammers knee. Eyes wide in wonder at the tales she would tell...

Tales of strange beasts roaming the hills o' Bree, 
old Gaffer Hodger and his silly ways, 
stories of folk vanishing inter the mists of Needlehole nair ter be seen again!

Well, tis been a long while since a good tale were spun, so Ah invites ye ter a night o' Summer Tales!

This Lammas, ah invite ye one and all ter come along and listen ter some tales of old, bring a tale yerself to share if'n ye've a mind ter.

Perhaps ye'll hear the tale of Bilbo's front door key? or maybe the Rushbog toads?

We'll be meeting near the Party Tree, fer there's a grand fire burning there. 

Bring yerself, yer ale an yer tea and lets pass on sum more tales ter delight.


Nannie of the Shire 

August 1st, 2015
8 pm ( BST )
Camp fire near the Party Tree

Brandy Badgers Public Rehearsal

The Brandy Badgers come out to play again! Yay! Not a concert, no no. Badgers thrive when not under pressure, so this will be a public rehearsal. Aye. Bring berries!

June 29th, 2015
7:30PM UK/BST (2:30PM servertime)
Sandson's Farm, Delving Fields

Summer Poetry Competition In The Shire

O the summer time has come
and the trees are sweetly blooming
and the wild mountain thyme
grows around the blooming heather.

Will ye go lassie, go? 

Seasons come and go, the cycle of the sun turns bringing the crops to swelling goodness.Tis the time ter take a break from tilling the fields and rejoice in all that is grand. Time ter sit back and fer yon budding hiden poets ter put their pens ter paper and see who will become this years Summer-time Bard.

Tis been a while since last we met and listened to the offerings of the poets, but we'll change that now.

No doubt there's many a new poet appeared since last Spring, and tis only fair ter give them a chance ter shine. So this time the competition is open ter all who has not won a title before. 

Now the topics ye have ter choose from, these are want we'd like ye ter base yer poem on, are: Water (rivers, streams, lakes anything water based) Friends or Traveling

June 27th, 2015
7:30 pm (BST) - 2:30 /servertime
Methril Stage, Bywater, The Shire
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