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Elisbeth Starfire


fiery rune-keeper of Imladris

Agemiddle aged


Outward Appearance

Slender, with dark hair clasped about her head by delicate combs


Guarding her privacy well Elisbeth rarely talks of her family, except to say that they sailed from the Grey Havens, and on the day of their departure part of her heart left with them. She too would have chosen to sail with them. However, her fate was determined for her when she was chosen to protect her companion Khalis Imieran when he was first tasked with exploring Middle Earth to report news back to Elrond's sons. Having lived and grown up in Imladris for many years Elisbeth learnt much from her mentor Nystul, and under his guidance increased her knowledge of the world beyond their valley; a perfect afternoon for her would be to sit for hours within a quiet glade reading and meditating. Now she journeys through the places she once only read about, experiencing them for herself. The wrench from all that Elisbeth knew to join Khalis on his venture is sometimes reflected in her demeanor by a cool aloofness. This is far from her true nature though. In battle she never loses her nerve, being able to manipulate her runic learning to either heal her companions or devastate her enemies. When the call came for a warband from Imladris to be formed under the captaincy of Khalis Imieran she did not hesitate to join its ranks...whilst not her desired destiny, it is her duty until that day when she can join her family where such concerns are no longer hers.


Khalis Imieran






researching history


the war raging


to bring peace back to the lands


Elisbeth's Adventures

Letter addressed to Parnard of the Vanimar 1 year 49 weeks ago
The Return 2 years 5 weeks ago
Elisbeth's Adventures

Elisbeth's Gallery

Elisbeth's Gallery