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Member of the Bloody Dawn/Currently studying in psychiatry and psychology.

AgeYounger than she may seem. Though it depends who wants to know.
ResidenceWhen not wandering to keep herself sane - an Inn's spare room, Eibhan's place, the Dawn's barracks when needing somewhere to collapse in a drunken stupor. Or, on occasion, the Scholar's Hall - amidst dusty piles of books and parchment scrolls.

The Bloody Dawn

Outward Appearance

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Built for agility and swiftness, Ashaia stands at five foot and five inches tall - a considerably average height for a Breeish lass such as herself.

Her body is femininely toned, as opposed to hardened to extreme bulk. Otherwise labelled as slender, with a bosom that requires meagre support when breaking into a run. Her skin is lightly tanned, graced with unusual scars that dapple her arms, shoulders and prominantly slicing thinly through her left eyebrow.

Her hands also bare regular nicks and cuts, yet most attention is drawn to the lack of a little finger on her left hand. Regarded simply as a stump of skin, the missing pinky leaves one of her gloves unfinished as a four finger hand. Both hands have a slight, perpetual shake, which could be linked to excessive drink.

With hair so darkly brown that it could be considered jet black in certain lighting, it hangs wild and wavy around her shoulders, with the ends spewing out, looking as though they are in need of a trim. On the off-chance, it is wound in braids, plonked on the top of her head with stubborn, shorter pieces falling down to frame around her rosey face.

Proficient with duel swords as well as slowly learning the use of a bow, she appears light-footed and mischevious, challenging life with a grin despite the dozens of times she has been forced to pick herself up again. Two daggers appear to be strapped to her thighs, unusually positioned with the blades pointed upwards, nicknamed as 'Delilah' and 'Dominic', the small blades are used mainly for easy-access knife-throwing. Two swords are buckled to her back at a jaunty, diagonal angle: both identical.

Her laugh is musical-sounding contrasting her dry humour and determined tone. Mossy green eyes alight with a knowing glint, shrouded only for a second to offer a mildly suggestive wink that is surely intended for subtle jest.


Ashaia was the middle child. So you can imagine the unfortunate situation of being neither too old to make the bossy decisions or too young to ignore them and continue running around in the Bree fields, playing hide and seek. Surrounded by her older sister Brienne, and her younger twin siblings Dominic and Delilah, Ashaia - otherwise nicknamed as 'Ash' - was a studious, rather inquisitive little girl, much to the pleasure of her half-Gondorian mother, Florentina - a linguist by trade who mothered, if not ruled, over her four children with an iron fist.

(WIP. Still happening. I swear.)


Plenty of the Dawn, including her close friend Eibhan. Other friends include Askelin, Dagramir and Arindiis to name a few. Alcohol plays a significant part in being a friend to seek comfort from.


A Breeish family in the Northern Fields - Father: Bancroft - Mother: Florentina - Sister (older): Brienne - Sister (younger): Delilah - Brother (younger): Dominic. Her ex-husband is deceased, yet she has a daughter named Ava.


Drink. And occasionally, her daughter's second family.


Her daughter, Ava. Her studies, books, a laugh, alcoholic beverages of most sorts.


Her alcohol, which also attributes to the following: her ex-husband, the fact that the time with her daughter is restricted.


Ashaia has little goals, other than to overcome her addiction and get back into the world.


"Did you really think that I wasn't going to traipse into the Pony, splattered from head to foot in giant's blood?" - "I made you tea because I'm good at making it. I take after my mother in the tea-making department, if you must know."

Ashaia's Adventures

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Ashaia's Adventures

Ashaia's Gallery

Ashaia's Gallery