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Askelin "Askey" Ashdown



AgeYoung (19)

The Bloody Dawn

Outward Appearance

A young man, fair of face and easy on the eye. His hair was dirty blonde and often messy and his eyes a striking blue. He bears a grim looking scar all the way down the right side of his face.

Askelin was athletically built, though small of stature, he seemed to always appear to stand in a way as to make himself look bigger, acting in a confident manner even when it would seem that he did not know what he was doing.

Askelin was fond of his general attire, dressing sharply when he could, though most of the time he would be found wearing crimson red leather clothing that seemed to fit comfortably on him. However, when the time called for action, Askelin would wear a loose fitting chainmail with black or white robes (depending on whether he thought he'll be covered in blood or not) that appeared to be somewhat too big for him. Askelin's most preferred weapon of choice was the spear, and his shield was large and elaborately decorated.



Askelin Ashdown was an only son, during his early youth he would live a quiet life on one of the farms north of Bree within sight of the North Downs... All was quiet and peaceful for him until the brutal murder of his parents and the burning down of his farm house.

He was only 14 at the time... A young farmhand content with the mere life of a farmer, mucking out stables, herding cattle and enjoying a good good meal at the end of the day... But that was to all change in a fierce flame and cloud of smoke...

Askelin was taken in by a strict and unusually wise man by the name of Lithindir Vandal... It was he who trained Askelin in the use of arms along with the skill to read and write. Askelin soon enough became Lithindir's obedient and sycophantic apprentice. His obedience and willingness to be under command of someone became a trait that stuck with him... Afterall, he has much to thank Mr. Vandal for... He may very well owe him his life...

Askelin became athletically fit and strong through Mr Vandal's regimented training, every day he would run laps around Bree, giving him the title of the "Bree-Lander runabout". Mr Vandal kept Askelin very well on his toes however, for it was not long after Askelin became perhaps one of the fastest and longest runners in Bree that he would set him to various tasks, having him courier parcels, notes and messages of importance to strange folk of The North he came to know as Rangers...

As a young messenger to the Rangers, Askelin encountered much trouble in The North, for Orcs and other foul things would often try to intercept important messages. Luckily for him he was never bested by the Orcs and found ways to elude them. His risky yet rewarding job eventually earned him enough coin to buy his very own house.


At the age of 19, Askelin had journeyed from the care of Mr. Vandal and settled himself down in a simple cottage on the outskirts of Bree. It was up to him to find work in a town that had plenty enough of it if one was practical in the way of taylorcraft or smiting, yet Askelin was but a simple farmer... Though now he had developed an almost expert's knowledge in fighting, tracking and wardening... And he intended to put his skills to good use.


A chance encounter with the captain of The Bloody Dawn landed him a most grateful position among the ranks of their militia. However, despite his peers being the sort that would bow to no one... Askelin still seemed to carry his sycophant ways due to his regimented upbringing and lack of parents in his teenage years... Though maybe that shall change as he fights alongside his new brothers and sisters in arms.



Obedient he may be to his master, Askelin was no pushover and can be quite boastful and fiery, with enough strength to back up his challenges, Askelin could at times overstep the mark and land him in trouble.

As taught by Mr. Vandal, Askelin could read and write very well, that's rather impressive considering his humble beginnings.


Dalfura, Arindiis and the good fellows of The Bloody Dawn (or so he'd like to think)


None that are alive


Brunmor the Burner.


Dalfura, a good Ale and a fight


Brunmor, being burned, being called "weak".


To defend Bree from foes while making a living by the sword


"Yes sir", "Aye boss!", "Yes, right away, sir!"

Askelin's Adventures

Askelin's Adventures

Askelin's Gallery

Askelin's Gallery