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Khazim Basara




Circle of the Silver Swords

Outward Appearance

Khazim wears exotic clothing ranging from the finery and robes of Harad's cities to the rugged and simplistic wraps and garb of the desert tribes of Harad. Is often seen wearing a headwrap or turban and fine, pointed shoes. His face is covered by the headwear on some occasions and not covered on others. He has dark brown skin, shoulder-length black hair, and jade green eyes which always carry an expression of curiosity.

He belies a quiet confidence and commands an excellent understanding of Westron despite his tribal upbringings.


Khazim Basara grew up in the southern wastes of Far Harad, a warrior of one of the many tribes of the harsh and unforgiving deserts. He excelled as a huntsman who could also craft many things out of the little wood he gathered, and the hides he collected.

When Mordor marched into the land of Harad to subjugate the tribes and cities, he rallied alongside those who resisted. A bloody rebellion ensued but it was put down quickly by Mordor and those Haradrim who willingly served the Eye. Khazim, wishing to survive, fled North to the cities to hide beneath the cover of the crowd.

In Harondor he learned to speak basic Westron and "civilized" himself, adopting clothes similar to his Southern home but a bit less obvious so as to hide his identity. The shadow arm of the puppet Haradrim government was hunting dissenters and once again caused Khazim's flight, but before he made his choice to leave he discovered a land called Eriador.

Learning of its isolation and relative safety, he reckoned that he would be treated better so far North than he would in the jurisdiction of his historical and cultural rivals. Now he lives his days outside of Bree-town, in a small camp built specifically for himself. He trades hides, hunting skills, and other talents and items for extra living outside of his basic needs but struggles against the mistrust and xenophobia of Bree-landers and others living in the area.


Maude, Lieta, Cesistya






Combat, food, reading, long conversations, Harad


Orcs, cowards, racists


Find a way to enjoy life in Bree


"The West thinks war is one of honor and sacrifice--but to my people it is more than that. To us, the spears dance, the swords clash, the arrows sing, to form one great harmony. The harmony of war, the harmony of Harad."

Khazim's Adventures

Khazim's Adventures

Khazim's Gallery

Khazim's Gallery