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Newharrow Hamlet

Founding date 2839 is built the Lodge and that is considered as time of villages foundation
Goal Our goal is to provide immersive village for Breelanders and all that consider Bree their home
Main area of operations Newharrow village, Bree-land
Kinship type Mixed

Breelanders, Rangers, Hobbits, Dwarves, well meaning wanderers


Brigands and Thieves

Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)

Lisbaeth, Deorda, Thrusch, Hunsley



Welcome to Newharrow!



If you take Great road to the east, just after you pass the magnificent Yellow tree, you will see road separates to small dirt path that goes to the south. A simple sign says "Newharrow" as pointing towards the valley hidden behind hills and Chetwood.


Southern Chetwood embraces the small valley tightly where hills provide natural defense and there is only old gatehouse on the entrance that is kept by old men on children and not all the time. The structure of gatehouse is not of this time, and somehow it survived hundreds of years as gateway to the valley.


After you pass the gates you will see path descending among forest and hillside, toward the village. Village is small, counting only three farmhouses and few small huts around Midge stream that falls in waterfall as entering the valley and fills the pond before disappearing under the hills in secret way to fill the Midgewater marsh. 

A small cobbled village center hosts market stall or two, with smithy. There is a fine man made park under the tall hill that is used for festivities, weddings or for children play.


A road leads from Centre over the hill and down trough forest then up again, ending at the clearing above the pond where is located Chetwood  Hunting Lodge, now renamed to The Mad Boar Inn as many visitors turned its use to more common one. The building is old and roof is covered with moss as well the wood that holds structure is now softly going green from age. There one will be welcomed with local lasses serving good hearty meals and locally made brews.  Around stream few farms stretch in the cleared chunks of the woods.

Built in common Bree-land style, one can see fields of wheat or corn, patches of pumpkins or cabbage, neat rows of onions or beans on tall stalks.

Folk of Newharrow are kindly reserved to themselves, most of foreigners will spur up a gossip spree around few families that reside there now. They are hardworking and they know each other well, to better and worse of it.



Amenities and Services in Newharrow

The Mad Boar Inn


Inn that stole hearts of many, cozy and warm, with great food and better drinks, all for cheap prices. They offer also rooms for the stay, longer or shorter, with services of washing cloths, bath and shoe polish.

Prices range from mere 20 coppers per drink, 10-30 for a meal, and 50 coppers for a bed without additional services.

The land and building is owned by Harrow family, though the Inkeeper is Deorda Pomel.

The building was till recently an hunting lodge that was refurbished to be an Inn as village started to grow.

((1 Chestnut street, Newharrow, Bree-land homesteads ))





There are currently three families in few farms and huts in valley and those are Hart's, first to build and keep hunting lodge, living mostly from hunt and foraging, adventurers by nature. Harrow's were first to clear up a part of forest to build up a farm, stubborn but hardworking fork.  And few that came last just one or two generations ago were Whitethorn's part farmers part hunters, one of renown is that they are Taxidermy experts that have shop in Bree.


After fall of Archet, where many lost their home, Newharrow folk welcomed the folk from Archet, until their village is built again. No one knows will some of them stay permanently but few does count to stay in Newharrow for longer time.


Out of Character information:


Are you interested in making Newharrow your home? A place where you can return and see your friends and family after day, months or years of adventure? Do you wish to roleplay a hearty Breelander, far away from unfitting characters around you, unlikely story plots that really hang in the air as they are out of the place?

There is many of this questions that we can answer simply - join us. Join Newharrow hamlet, a village on end of Bree land, where simple life is not so simple, where hardships are real, where border to wilds is thin. You think life of Breelander is boring? Dull?

How can be day after day, rp with people you know, be boring? There are many tales to be told from perspective of a Breelander, the changing times, the dangers of woods and roads, life was never simple, especially for a Bree-landers. 


There are events to be organized with your help, Farmers Market, Parties in Lodge Inn (oh the local dark ale and lasses...), campaigns of building and securing supplies, dramas of villagers (not the bad one :P).


What we need are all kinds of craftsmen, farmers, hunters, to help build trough story this village. You can join as new settler or member of current families in Newharrow, or just visit us on regular basis and do trade or rest in the Inn.


Brigand role-players are welcome to bring-it-on :)

Talk to us in game or over mail on LA, or Discord




Bernwick Bernwick Tweed Man
Deorda Deorda Pomel Man
Kitowyn Kitowyn Man
Lisbaeth Lisbeth Harrow, married Thornley Man
Thrusch Thrush Hart Man

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