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Arostir "Flagger"


Ranger of the North

AgeYoung for a Dunedain (about fifty or so)
ResidenceUsually a nomad, pitching a tent in the wilds is a home for him

Eyes of the North

Outward Appearance

At first glance, Arostir appears cold and icy, with a powerful cold gaze that appears alert and aware. Arostir has a scar on the right side of his face, looking rather grim and rough, as if he has been in many fights and seen much conflict. Usually wearing brown and weather beaten traveling robes, caring not much for style... Though amidst the grim appearance, he is a fair and rather handsome man, he carries with him an elegantly made sword that appears to lightly radiate with a keen bite.


Arostir is a quiet soul, speaking little and rather blunt in his responses. Though when in the mood he is keen to tell a tale or two or share some witty jests as he has a wicked sense of humor beneath his quiet and calm appearance.

Though Arostir may appear grim and rough, keeping mostly to himself. However he is more well spoken than most folk of Bree, he speaks elegantly and spins his words through a weave of poetic description at times... He has the knack to inspire, convince and even intimidate people just with his words. Having a slight Sindarin trill to his speech, folk of Bree have in the past remarked on his accent as being 'mysterious'.


Arostir goes by the alias "Flagger" to the people of Bree, he shares little about his comings and goings and keeps to himself mostly, but when he can surely trust someone, Arostir is a loyal and stout friend for life, protective and loyal to a fault.


Arostir is a mysterious man and not all is as it seems, for he hides a more sinister side to him, merely it could be because he was a light pickpocket in times of dire need, but his crimes do not stop there... And he shuns the man he was. He truly is regretful of his past though it haunts him, and while by honor he is bound to fight for The Rangers and the Free Peoples... Temptation yearns to lead him astray.


Impulsive and rather erratic in his way of thinking, Arostir is easily lead on to do things he usually would not do, either by temptation or by the mere wager or challenge. Arostir has keen eyes and ears and will often notice things others will not, his head may suddenly twitch like a nervous tic or if he notices something... Often leading people to believe he is rather like a hawk or just plain odd... Having a wicked sense of humor and a somewhat blunt way of speaking, Arostir can at times be offensive and appear rude. Though he is a well spoken individual and is rather courteous particularly to women. While everything about his appearance says "Ruffian", Arostir is a good person who is keen to protect the Free Peoples from the darkness that threatens to encroach the land.


Arostir is a very dangerous fighter when the time calls for battle, cleaving down his foes like a scythe cutting grass. He fights with savage aggression and admirable strength and cunning... Though there is more to that little gleaming gem in the hilt of his sword than it seems...


His companions in the Eyes Of The North






Lake Nenuial, forests, Rivendell, Silherenya


Orcs, Brigands, Fancy clothing, Silherenya


To secure the safety of the Bree folk and a future for the Free Peoples.


"Sharp knives and a sharper wit gets the job done."

Arostir's Adventures

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Arostir's Adventures

Arostir's Gallery

Arostir's Gallery