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The Ettenmoors

As the red sun rose over the tops of the mountains, a chilling North wind picked up and howled through the trees, the moors were quiet that eerie morning... A calm before the storm. A quietness that was known all too well by the wise Elves of Imladris, it was as if they could sense the impending doom from the North.

the blue banners of the Free Peoples flew atop the keep of Tirith Rhaw, a hard won victory against the vile Orcs from Angmar that threaten to flood into the South and harm all of Eriador. The Elves and Men fighting for the Coldfells army were the only thing between the might of Angmar and fair Imladris.

A the company of stalwart Men of twenty and four arose from their fitful slumber, they broke fast together down at the lower levels of the keep where their Captain Aberhil spoke of the planned assault to retake the keep of Tol Ascarnen. As the battle of the Moors raged on, the Army of Angmar grew ever more bold, they simply had to be pushed back by whatever means possible.

As laborers set about repairing what they may of the keep and cleaning the vile markings left on the walls by the Orcs, the company prepared to set off, with enough rations and supplies to put the Tol Ascarnen to siege, they mounted up and rode off into the mist.

Aberhil with his winged helmet and keen sword lead the company through paths less trod as to avoid the trackers and scouts, as persistent as the slaves of Angmar's Army were, they were also dull and fairly skittish, a Burglar among the company by the name of Folo Fairbanks, a Hobbit of no small courage and skill had bested many Scouts from surprise, and he was a trusty infiltrator indeed.


The company stopped near the river that ran around the keep, Folo went out ahead to silently scout the area, hopping over the stepping stones in a shallow area of the river, he moved in the mist almost silently.

Aberhil turned to his comrades in arms, who looked ready for a fight,

"Listen well, brothers." he said in a commanding voice, "The enemies of Angmar shall fall to our blades and we shall retake this keep in the name of the Free Peoples of Eriador!"

"Aye!" said one soldier, "We've been hard beset by these foul Orcs for many months, it will be well to start pushing back and showing these foul beasts that the Race of Men will not fall easily!"

Suddenly an arrow shot right past Aberhil's head, a large Uruk Hai clad in brown leather stood atop the bank with a large heavy bow, it was one of the Blackarrows, the elite archery force from Angmar.

Before the company could react another arrow flew from the other direction, piercing the helm of an unfortunate Minstrel and killing her almost instantly.

The company drew their arms and scrambled up the bank to meet their ranged foes, a biting swarm of wood and iron fell upon them as more Uruk Blackarrows emerged from the cover of the trees.

Aberhil with the grace of an Elf swiftly scaled the bank and sliced one Uruk's head off before going for another, however his fierce heart quivered as he saw the full might of the Orc's raid.

Wargs, Orcs, Uruks, Trolls... Angmar fell upon our  unfortunate heroes with a cruel vengeance. Aberhil and his men were outnumbered ten to one, they had no hope.

As the company stood between the bank and Angmar's forces, Aberhil gave the order to fight to the death, and they did so verily.

Aberhil says: "Crap, there's too many of them, we need more freeps on dammit"

Bugo says: "Noob RL tbh, I'm flipping to creep"

Minihels-1 says: "Freaking zergs, call for backup on OOC"

Folo says: "Nothing on track"

Aberhil says: "Well done, Folo you noob, the raid is over here

Theildril says: "Need healz pl0x"

In the confusion of QQ and /shouts, the company had fallen to the vile cruelty of Angmar's blades and arrows, Aberhil decided it was best to just play PvE for a while.



April Fools! :^)