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Niehstu daughter of Winfred



ResidenceForlaw for now

The Eorlingas

Outward Appearance

Even though this young woman walks in an armour, with a shield over her back and an axe at her side, she does not look all that intimidating, despite the rumours around her name.In her well cared armour that covers her yet not fully formed female curves, she would look like a boy in arms. Under that horned helmet of hers, hides an innocent sunkissed face, with red cheeks and a pair of good willed and trusting eyes, that are often heavy with sleep. A young woman of average height and strength, Niehstu was not born into the life of a warrior nor was she ever prepared for it up to now. Thus her recent training is often exhausting to her to the point that she'd be falling asleep the first chance she gets. Even though she does her best to prove worthy of her pledge and oaths, she struggles hard most of the time to keep up with the rest and as a result she's often left with less important tasks. She does not complain though or take it to heart, able to keep her smile on as a result of been raised in a loving and happy home.



Father: Winfred son of Ealdread, a veteran warrior now a breeder of horses, in his fifties
Mother: Mildryd, early fourties
Older brother: Coenred, 19 years old
Older sister: Hege, 18 years old
Older sister: Fridwyn, 17 years old
Grandfather: Ealdraed, elderly

Rumor: Niehstu was sent to serve the  Aethelwigend as weregild,  a penalty for the murder of one of the Reeve Harding's warriors during a feast at his Meadhall


Ceolswith, Stelimund, Erlene


Cousin: Hrothstan


The Enemies of Rohan


Her family, her friends, the good people of Rohan, peace, flowers and beautiful things, sleeping, tradition


Not much of a hater


To keep everybody happy and not disgrace her father's name


"Sometimes our happiness is that of others" (spoken one night at Forlaw tavern to Wychtcleth timidly)

Niehstu's Adventures

Fatherhood 7 weeks 2 days ago
The fight in Balewood 14 weeks 12 hours ago
Fleeing Dunfast 21 weeks 5 days ago
Niehstu's Adventures

Niehstu's Gallery

Niehstu's Gallery