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Rapscallion and a mighty good robber!

ResidenceThe Crook - part of Beggars Alley!

Little Rascals

Outward Appearance
"Me appearance often changes dependin' on what shenanigans I be strikin' for! I ain' averse ter dressin' as little girls n' hightailin' it around as Eastern chieftain fellows rowdily singin' fer me freedoms!"
"Yer migh' find me once or twice wi' a black eye from a royal sockin'! Bu' tha' has an awful lo' ter do wi' lanterns light, which is me little pack lantern tha' hovers over me shoulders like a hungry kestral fellow! Me pa' fixed it ter me, n' when tha' lantern goes ou', by jimminycrickets I better hightail i' back ter the crook lest I wan' a dozen or so lashes! Yer migh' see where he's licked me if yer catch me bare chested n' the like, the little red snakes mar me back so they do! But I ain' mindin' much!"
"I reckon I go' curls tha' snake abou' me head jus' so, but they be often covered wi' me little straw hat! N' aside from me cuts n' scrapes, I migh' look like a puny little thing ter any warrior fellow! Bu' tha' don' me I am one ter be se' on the shelf like Uncle Joe's baked goods! I reckon I go' enough of me strengths ter sock yer good n' proper!"



"By-jee! Why wotcha there ol' Jim-bob! M'Snide, n' don' take me for no Shireling. M' a Bree-Land boy, of twelve if you want specifics."


"My ways the way of the Crook! You know? Tha' dank little passage in Beggars Alley that smells as rotten as Aunt Sally's cherry pie. Tha's where I'm from, born n' raised. My pa lost a game of dice to some rapscallions down there, n' his price ter pay was naming me Snide. After his own ways, o'course."


"I'd sooner stick yer up like the bandits in Old Jim's tales than show you around Bree, but if I was feeling obliged to, I could. I know Bree-Town mighty well. My line of work has me escapin' as fast an elf's arrow, n' i'm damn quick when pinching purses too!" 


"If you catch me then you must have the instincts of a Rohan buck I tell ya! I ain't entirely averse ter telling some stretchers when I need 'em, tellin' me lies like midgewater spiders weave their webs. Trouble is, I often get caught up in 'em like the flies they be catchin!'"


"I'm always high tailin' around, duckin' n' divin' from angry farmers wanting their veggies back. or some angry mister angry that I pinched his silvers right out from under him! Ain' no one ever said my name with joy, n' I'm as infamous as them rapscallions down in the Chetwood. Thats right! I even do ill the name of Snide...!"


"If my lantern goes ou', yer be' yer buck I better hightail it on back to the crook! A dozen lashes will be awaitin' me if I'm late, n' me pap gives me a shor' flame fer i'! If the flame dies, by jeepers, I be in a whole stack o'trouble!"


"So long as there's ligh' in ol' Snide's lantern, yer can jaunter over n' say howdy, if yer feelin' kind! Bu' when lanters light dies, why then jimminycrickets, ain' no buck coul' win tha' race against me!"


Tannur Maudey Gethann Nogfrid Sunsciene but they wouldn't say the same most likely!


Me pa! Me ma! N' a few brothers n' sisters from their litters!


Tannur Maudey Gethann Nogfrid Sunsciene ... they say anyone can be an enemy, if yer so much as look at 'em funny!


Pinching, adventuring, bein' a misfit beggar boy, smokin' n' bein' in no short supply o'stretchers!


Bein' denied his freedoms! Lanterns ligh' dyin'!


Ter 'ave fun with his freedoms whils' lanterns ligh' burns bright!


"My ways the way of the Crook!"

Snide's Adventures

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Snide's Adventures

Snide's Gallery

Snide's Gallery