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Robbers N' Rapscallions!

Robbers N' Rapscallions!


Why, by jee-jum-Josephine and shucks ter go alon' wi' tha'! I don' reckon me words be havin' the same ring-a-ding-ding's when written on paper! Fer these pinch o'reasons, I be peggin' these shapes n' sizes as poetry! They say poetry's mean' ter be said loud n'proper, so tha's wha' I does as I write see! Sing i' from the lungs, wi' no stretchers!

Me names Snide n' I'm a royal rapscallion o'twelve, fer those who don' know! Me me-maw has hung me ou' ter dry workin' on me letters. Goodness ter gracious, I don' be havin' much use fer such things, n' I reckon by this time tomorrow I'll be lightin' ou' fer the territory whils' singin' fer me freedoms. The robbers life is fer me, as them kinds always go' summi' ter snicker n' scorch a'! Them folk always seem so mighty n' merry wi' wha' little they gots, n' tha's how I wanna be! 

Speakin' o'robbers, jus' yesterday I managed to strike ou' fer a score as big as bears! A ches' full o' gold coins it was, as round n' yellow as the sunshine! Jewels n' emeralds made the whole set up look mighty delicious, n' I though' even touchin' one migh' make me come ou' in blisters n' rashes! Jimminycrickets, wee Eylis came along too, n' I'd say tha' ol' jim-bob is me mos' loyal comrade! She sends my hear' skippin' across the lane so she does! I wouldn' ever do her no wrongs, no' fer kingdoms. I go' somethin' better than riches from them wee ol' shennigans though, fer I go' a se' o' whiskers now trailin' on a' my tail! His wee name is Jim, n' he is my friend. I wouldn' sell him ou' fer no kingdoms either. I am his friend too. 

Anyway, s'time I were ou' with my jibberin' n' jabberin'! Bein' from The Crook n'all, me letters are all ben' ou' o' shape jus' the same as my whippersnapper ways! I reckon when me me-maw sees this she'll snuff ou' lanterns ligh' the same way the nigh' or the storm snuffs ou' the merry ol' sunshine! Pa will lick me with his lashes n' make me sing like he always does, n' after payin' off the debts he were runnin' up, I'd say tha' were mighty rotten o'him indeed!