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Hunter, tracker, bounty hunter

AgeYoung Adult
ResidenceWherever a job takes her; she is often found passing through Bree

Piercing the Shadow

Outward Appearance


Full Name: Narys (rhymes with "Paris"). Her surname is never shared.

Race: Man

Location of Birth: Northern Bree-fields

Age: Young adult

Build: Average height for a Bree-ish girl, around 5'5 (165 cm). She is extremely athletic, but not hardened, retaining a pleasing, feminine figure. 

Eye Color: A perfect blend of blue and green, clear and vibrant.

Hair Length/Color: Falling just past her shoulders, her locks are copper-colored, an almost unearthly hue that shimmers between auburn and fiery gold. Rarely tidy, her hair is everywhere, windblown, and frequently falling over her eyes.

Appearance: Her expression is one of watchful observance, as one might expect from a girl who's spent her entire youth on the hunt. A peaches-and-cream complexion is smattered with light freckles, occasionally softened by girlish blushing. Her full lips are quick to smirk, grin, and frown. Her attire is generally the lightweight garb of a hunter; tunic, trousers, boots, and gloves that leave her fingers free to work her bow. She has a small backpack that contains some basic essentials for life outdoors. When bounty hunting, she is dressed in black attire, hooded and masked. 

Weapons: Her beloved short bow is ever on her person. She does not allow anyone to handle it, with very rare exception. A dagger sits on each hip. 

Personality: A wild-at-heart tomboy, Narys is an intoxicating mixture of unpredictability and trustworthiness. "Intense" is perhaps a good descriptive, for she feels what she feels, without apology, and she makes little effort to censor or deny her feelings, whether pleasant or harsh. She has no sense of propriety and will speak whatever is on her mind, with little thought of how it might offend anyone around her, though her intention is usually to be simply honest, and not malicious. To her own detriment at times, she has virtually no fear of anything or anyone. She can be extremely impulsive, and has no patience for those she sees as "idiots". She is playful, bold, passionate, and in the right company, surprisingly vulnerable. Her freedom is everything to her. 

Current Residence: A Bree-land wanderer. She sleeps outdoors, unless the weather is especially objectionable, when she will rent a room at the nearest inn. 

Education: Narys can make out letters reasonably well, though she has no formal education. She knows little of the outside world, aside from tales and songs she's heard from locals and travelers passing through Bree.

Languages: Westron



"Friends" are people you bare your heart to; therefore, she has none. "Acquaintances" are Ealstan, Ebold, Hutin, Taala, Eroforth, Harthator, Seaver, Baldmar and Denaric. She may be found near Dagramir a bit too often.


Her elderly parents reside in the northern Bree-fields


Anyone who interferes with her work, or otherwise pisses her off. She has a particular enmity with the Blackwold brigands of Chetwood.


She is finally, reluctantly admitting that she loves Taraborn. Other loves include being outdoors, solitude, pranks, the occasional flirt, a good draught of cold ale, the sound of an arrow hitting flesh.


Uptight folks, helpless women, idiots, crowds, folks who dare to touch her bow without permission


To retain her freedom and independence, to fight the encroaching Shadow to her last breath, and to learn to be loved.


Narys's Adventures

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Narys's Adventures

Narys's Gallery

Narys's Gallery