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Unknown to most

AgeUnknown to most, but something between 20-27
ResidenceShe travels on roads unknown. Free.

Oakleaf's Warehouse

Outward Appearance


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Her long red brown locks are always carelessly ruffled, framing a fresh youthful face that is marred  only by a single small scar on her chin. Green eyes gleam with warm light under strong eyebrows.


It is difficult to determine the woman's past solely based on her behaviour and looks, her words at times suggest she is well educated, yet the shabby condition of her attires and the way she moves often suggest she grew up on the Alley. 




She is as chaotic as her disheveled locks, a rebellious daughter of a man who loves rules.

Erased and unwanted, for which many do not know of her true origin.

Yet somehow she still has managed to make best out of her situation in her own at times very irrational ways. Never minding the consequences.

Kind but unpredictable.
Honest but...unpredictable.

'A strange woman' as many have plainly stated. 

...Often picking the side of those whom are judged by others.


She knows quite many people and likes half of them.Only in the hands of one she would trust her life and that is Katie. One might seen her enjoying a conversation in the company of Sunsciene, Archiebald and Crow as well. She has a special place in her heart for Barney Oakleaf, The Woodsman Oakley, Captain Basaran and the brute Forstrang.


Unknown to most. Although she might mention she is married to Hank Haymoor. Few might know the tale of her father and sister.


She has a tendency to dislike those who are quick to judge.




She does not hate.


To mend those who carry chunks of dark sorrow in their hearts.


'I'm the kindest bad person you will find in this ditch, so if I where you, I'd reconsider.'

Fyria's Adventures

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Fyria's Gallery

Fyria's Gallery