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Carlotta "Carly" Oakenweed


Unclear. Huntress?

AgeUnclear, but she appears to be leaning towards her mid-thirties

Misfits and Meanderers

Outward Appearance

Upon first glance, it can be surmised that this weary woman is a well-travelled person, clothed in several worn and patched travelling garments in shades of muddy brown that have clearly seen better days, armed with a simple bow and a quiver of arrows. The woman herself appears quite ragged and ill-cared for in appearance, sporting messy, short red hair kept in a wispy pixie cut. Gray eyes oft glimmer with mischief in firelight, and, at times, appear cold and indifferent. Her grin can be described as fierce. Where there was once a slender pinky finger on her right hand, there now only remains a stump.

To tell of the woman's outward attitude is another thing entirely.

Unlike the common Bree-lander woman, Carlotta could be described as unladylike, even boyish: Mannerisms point towards a lack of regard for proper etiquette, her speech is rough, direct, and seldom littered with eloquent words or phrases. Her usual stance is slouchy and hunched over; ungraceful, but alert. The expressions she musters oft border towards savagery, hinting at an unnatural disconnect from civilization.


Carlotta's past is commonly a subject that she is loath to disclose. Whilst exhibiting a remarkable understanding of courtesy and civil behaviour for a bedraggled woman such as her, her fierce and borderline feral displays of attitude leave the impression that she has spent one too many years alone in the wild.






"What a pointless pursuit."


Drinking, hunting, displays of wit and intelligence, fine woodwork, sarcastic humour, black comedy, pragmatism and practicality


Overblown formalities, hangovers, sugarcoating words, the connotations of wealth and status, narcisstic individuals


Maybe it's best to ask her.


"Hah! I ain't bound t'the same principles o' 'Honour' like ye, Aurie. Wha' use does a 'unter like me 'ave fer it?"

Carlotta's Adventures

Brawls and Brevity 2 years 28 weeks ago
Dogging His Steps 4 years 38 weeks ago
The Wolf-Eyed Wanderer 4 years 42 weeks ago
Dirt, Grime, Blood 4 years 44 weeks ago
The Beginning of Rumours 5 years 4 weeks ago
Carlotta's Adventures

Carlotta's Gallery

Carlotta's Gallery