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Reeve Handarthol Afenmund of Cliving


Reeve of the Norcrofts, Aethelwigend of the Éastende Eored

AgeLate Twenties

Riders of the Eastemnet

Outward Appearance


((Here I note that Handarthol, along with his kin members, replace turbine's made-up thanes and reeves. If you reject our canon, you are free not to RP with us - so please do not send any hate mail or the likes about his titles. Thank you.))

Appearance:  Handarthol has reddish hair and blue eyes, which give away his heritage. He appears to be in his late twenties.


​Armor - Handarthol wears a light hauberk of mail, with a green gambeson, and an elaborate cloak bearing the markings of Cliving.

​Weapons - Handarthol would carry a two-handed crucible-steel greatsword, the hilt emblazoned with a golden sun. In addition to this, he would have a long pike for lancing from horseback, and a shield, usually bearing the sigil of Cliving.


 "For death and glory." ~ Theoden


    Handarthol shares many traits with other East-Markers. He longs for the days of a true nomadic society in Rohan, and can more often be seen riding the plains of the Norcrofts than in his own meadhall. He has an obvious indifference towards the kingship, complying with the king's orders with little joy; for this reason he has often been considered dangerous by other noblemen. Despite this, he still shows immense respect towards the kings of old, especially Eorl the Young.


      Handarthol was born in Ethengels on November 19, 2089 T.A. His mother, Corliss was a talumirage (a bard), and his father Fenwick was a retired scyttawigend in the Eastende Eored, now a farmer. His father taught him to use a bow and flourish a blade, and how to hunt. When Handarthol was in his early childhood, his family's farm was set alight by a warband of bandits from the Wold, and his father was killed, leaving him to be raised by his mother alone. This later lead him to follow in his father's footsteps and join the military. From his mother, he learned to read, and write, a skill not possessed by most people of the mark. After serving in the Ethengels town guard for a number of years, he went on to serve in the Eastende Eored, where he quickly was accelerated to the rank of Maegisterwigend after two years defending the Norcrofts. Following this promotion, he went on campaign in Dunland, where he ended up filling in for the role of Aethelwigend after the Reeve, and acting aethelwigend, was killed in battle. As a reward for his service, a witan of the East-Mark granted him the title of Reeve of the Norcrofts, along with the command of the Eastende Eored. 








Aldor Brywulf of the Eastemnet, Cleowenn - his chief advisor


Fenwick (Father), Corliss (Mother)




Freedom, the plains of the east-mark


Centralized Government, almost all higher authority, Dunland, Rhun


To defend the Norcrofts and it's people to the last, even if it means his own death


"Cliving will hold."//"Wildermore is a damned cold place..."//"I am bound to the King by law, but my true loyalties lie with Eorl's spirit, and my people. Nothing will change my mind on this matter."//"To abandon the East-Mark would be to spit on the very grave of Eorl himself."

Handarthol's Adventures

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Handarthol's Adventures

Handarthol's Gallery

Handarthol's Gallery