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Ted "Brammy" Bramble


Lieutenant of the Bloody Dawn.

AgeEarly thirties

The Bloody Dawn

Outward Appearance

Medium height, slim but muscular build.

Wears his dark hair at shoulder length and has a clean shaven face with a couple of noticable scars.

Carries with him a longsword on his left hip. May also be seen with a bow and quiver of arrows strapped to his back. May be wearing rugged leather armour, or a fancy tunic, depending on how he's feeling.


Ted Bramble was born the eldest son of Tom and Edna Bramble, cobblers of Archet. His mother died giving birth to his only sibling, Jon "[Foxwin]". Their father was a bully to them both, especially Foxwin, and when he died, the family business passed on to Ted. But while Fox showed great skill as a cobbler, going on to make shoes of his own, Ted became friendly with a man whom was a member of the Blackwolds. He later joined up, becoming known as Brammy, and was part of the attack on his hometown Archet. He did however make sure that his brother got out safely.

Brammy battles the townsfolk of Archet as a Blackwold.

He was presumed dead for a few years. Eventually, when his brother became in debt to a ruthless Blackwold money lender, he revealed himself to Fox's love interest [Taala] and together they killed the lender, thereby saving Fox. This act however forced Brammy out of the Blackwolds, and at thesame time Fox left his company 'The Bloody Dawn', and Brammy took his place. 

He found himself at home among the Bloody Dawn, and proved himself enough to work up the ranks to become a Sergeant. It was around this time that he met Kestrall, a forester from Combe. They shared many whiskeys together at the Prancing Pony, and eventually found themselves getting married at Bree Town Hall.

Brammy (right) and Kestrall pose with Fox on their wedding day.

Soon after, a restructuring of the Dawn meant that Brammy became a Lieutenant, second only to the Captain in rank. He has recently returned from successfully leading the company on a job in Evendim, and is now fully focused on his new responsibilities, both at the Bloody Dawn and at home.



All his friends at The Bloody Dawn


Brother: Foxwin. Wife: Kestrall.


Rivals: Chaney, Taala


Freedom. Whiskey. Kestrall.


Boredom. Paperwork.


To prove himself as a Lieutenant of the Dawn.


Brammy's Adventures

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Brammy's Adventures

Brammy's Gallery

Brammy's Gallery