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From the Gorges to the Vale

Brammy was enjoying a smoke at their camp above the fords of Bruinen when Fiontann returned from his scouting with an elf of Rivendell, who named himself Khalis . He was apparently a Captain of Imladris.

Brammy did not look forward to their arrival in Rivendell. During his time with the Blackwolds, the elves had always been a subject of ridicule. He was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt though, since the other members of the Dawn seemed keen to meet the elves.

They arrived at sundown, and Brammy could not deny that the vale was indeed a beautiful place, and the elves who greeted them and showed them hospitality were nothing but honorable, it seemed. Perhaps he had been wrong about the elven way of life?

Brammy went with Teleyn to bathe in the waters of the vale to wash off the grime of the road. She had to be the most care-free, encouragable, enthusiastic and joyous girl he had ever laid eyes on. He always seemed in a better mood whenever she was around. After bathing, they each made a promise to the other. That Teleyn would teach him to dance, and that Brammy would teach her to swing a sword.

To Brammy's dismay, her chance came sooner than he had anticipated. The next night they attended the weekly gathering of the elves in the Hall of Fire. Teleyn dragged him to the musician, and encouraged him to dance. He felt self-conscious, but nevertheless he danced to the music, perhaps even enjoying it a little though he would never admit it.

He left early. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the company of the elves, it was more that he never felt he could fit in. It was not like him to care what others thought of him.

Tomorrow the Company would leave the vale and climb into the mountains. He was delighted that they were going, and yet a small part of him longed to stay in Imladris a while longer...