Join the Commoner's Committee!


By my authority as Master Merchant of the Merchant’s Guild, I hereby formally announce the Commoner’s Committee! At the behest of the ever gracious and wise Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch, we have formed a committee under the purview of the Merchant’s Guild to represent the interests of the common townspeople of Bree and its neighboring villages. The matters of economy that the Merchant’s Guild discusses affect everyone in Bree-land, so it is only fair that the common townspeople who will have their trade affected by these matters also get a voice in our Merchant’s Guild Council Meetings. Registered members of the Commoner’s Committee can not only speak freely during our council meetings but they can also propose petitions for the guild’s consideration. So please feel free to join the Commoner’s Committee! The only requirement to join is that you are a resident of Bree-land. No entrance fee required! Such opportunities to actually make a difference in the world only come once in a lifetime. So don’t waste such a chance and claim your destiny today!

Yours Truly,

Frimsi Gembeard, Master Merchant


Bree Town