Posted on the door of The King's Folly


Sign reads: The King's Folly will be shut from the 9th of September until the 12th of October. Upon the return of the proprietor on Friday the 13th, the shop will reopen as before. Vincent will be present hereabouts on September the 8th ere the shop is shut, if you would like to place an advance order or to wish him well on his journey to the South. Many thanks to all past and future guests of the Folly.



The wine shop does appear to be closed with no sound of life within. Once each week at a time of her choosing, a maid named Leodnia Musgrove walks up to the door with three iron keys to unlock and tidy the rooms within.

During Vincent's absence those who have mischief, misfortune, curiosity, or something stranger in mind are invited to contact anyone associated with the shop to work something out.


Vincent the owner: Laurelin Archives (Derakoth), discord (adrian_cross)
Syaven the barmaid: Laurelin Archives (Syaven), discord (syaven)
Liric the bard: Laurelin Archives (Liric), In game Post (Liric)
Leodnia the maid: In game post (Leodnia), discord (rossetti.)


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