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Baruk Khazad


Founding date Way back in the mists of the first age (A day or so after retail launch)
Goal To defend Dwarf and free peoples alike from the rising threats of shadow in the land
Main area of operations Wheree'er the aforementioned shadow can be found or where a dwarf can relax amongst good company
Kinship type Dwarven
Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)

Feldsparr, Ketnar, Klepp, Klomrim, Daain, Mhain, Nhain, Ule, Odine


Kinship Rules - We run with 3 core precepts overarched by one cardinal rule... The 3 precepts are - Seek out and fight the shadow - Stand beside your brothers in battle no matter the odds or the risk - Lend aid to ye brothers whene'er ye are asked. They will aid ye in return. The overarching rule - HAVE FUN Baruk Khazad is a Dwarven kin with a conflict oriented premise. It is a brotherhood of Dwarves who, under the banner of the Kin, take the fight against the enemy to heart. They will be your most stalwart of allies and will lay down their lives in defence of the west. But they are not a military organisation, they are a brotherhood with little to seperate the Lord except the title. Equal expectations are made upon all. Each Dwarf has his own reasons for standing with his brethren against the enemy. Fathers lost in battle, homes ta' defend, desire to recover lost treasures, honour, justice or, in at least one case, unadulterated lust for battle.


Bregir Bregir Stoutheart of The Lonely Mountain Dwarf
Feldsparr Feldsparr Steelhelm Dwarf

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