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Founding date 1/5/2011
Goal To heal and preserve the Middle Earth through the means of knowledge and wisdom.
Main area of operations The elf havens in Ered Luin.
Kinship type Elven

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Kinship status Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



As Beleriand sank into the depths of the sea at the ending of the War of Wrath, many of its former inhabitants relocated to Lindon by the sea, that Círdan and Gil-Galad would come to rule. Both Noldor, Sindar and Laiquendi called this place their home, and together, they built the harbor-city of Mithlond, the Grey Havens. Here, Círdan was lord and master, and Gil-galad begun his reign as the last High King of the Ñoldor. From the great towers of Mithlond, he could gaze out over the sea and follow the white swan-ships as they carried those that had chosen to depart for the Undying Lands.
As Mithlond prospered, many of the scholars that had settled down there started to seek each other’s company, and soon, a small Order was formed. It was named Calarind by its founders, and took its residence in one of the many towers within the haven. At the feet of the tower a beautiful gardens soon flourished, inspired by the gardens of Balan Îdh, more commonly known as Estë. Here, medical herbs, frequently used by the healers and cooks of the Order, would side with mighty trees and beautiful arrays of flowers. As for the tower itself, it soon became a place of wisdom and knowledge. A myriad of books, tomes and scrolls carefully revised by scholars and specialists soon filled many a bookshelf within. In the many halls would also some mysterious items, created by the skilled craftsmen of old, be housed, that would, according to its history and its use, become objects of ritual.
Yet Calarind remained an Order as much as it was a forum for wise men, and there hung a banner over the tower door. Its colours were dark blue, purple and white, depicting two majestic cranes facing each other while standing in shallow water beneath a starry sky with a crescent moon. Behind them, dawn was about to break. This is the signum of the Order, and everywhere they travelled or were to be represented, it could be found.
As the Order grew, the scholars that first conceived Calarind convened and agreed to form a council of Elders. Their task was to ensure that the Order remained on a path of wisdom. The council was named Gûr i-gyllim and their chief was named Indúr, the master of the inner thought.
Middle Earth was tormented by war and conflict. The Calarind suffered also, and many lives were grievously lost. In 2509 of the Third Age - the same year as Celebrían, wife of Elrond, departed - the last Indúr of the Calarind Order removed the signed ring from his finger, hoping that the legacy of the Calarind would be resumed in the future and not diminish ere the End, he took it and locked it in a wooden box. Carefully he sealed it so that only the true scion of his people would be able to open it. Before he himself departed for the West on a white ship, he left the sealed box in the care of Galdor, one of Círdans counsellors, together with the prophetic words: "There is still more to do. Before the last ship sets sail, the spirit of the Order shall once again be rekindled and assist our kin before it follows them over the sea.
Now, the seal has been broken and the signet ring has been awakened from its rest. The remaining tomes, books, scrolls and items of old in the Orders possession have been sent to a new tower within the village of Imlad Lind, from where the three-coloured banner once again flaps in the wind.  High are now the hopes that the prophecy of the past will come true.
 Welcome to the page of Calarind! We are an RP kin that has chosen to focus around the aspects of elven scholarship and healing within the world of Middle Earth. We try to stick as faithfully to the lore of Tolkien as we are able to, and as such, membership is limited to elf characters only. We seek those who respect the lore of the books, and are willing to work together with us to create a fun and lore-rich elven kin with many events and in-character ceremonies. If you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to send us a tell, or visit our homepage! (Still a bit of a work in progress)


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