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Back in Town

This page is written in clean-cut, simple script, in a plain leather-bound journal with the words "Sefton Heathridge" written in precise letters on the inside cover.

It has been two weeks since I returned to Bree after a few months in the North Downs. My sister Rose and her husband were glad to have my help with the planting, especially since she is expecting a child in the summer. It is good to be back, especially since I recently had my harp repaired and re-strung in town. I have found some work selling woodcrafts to the local folk, and am working on a carved flute at present. It is not as exciting as travelling along with merchants, but it will have to do. Neville, my old friend who now works as a clerk in the Scholar's Stair, has lent me a room for now. In exchange, I help him with copying some of his papers. 

I spent a good part of today visiting the Mad Boar Inn, a lovely place in the town of Newharrow. The inn is run by a number of hospitable and skilled ladies, including Deorda and Lisbaeth. The ale, which they brew themselves, is excellent, as is the mead. I brought my harp with me, and played many a merry air while several of the patrons sat and conversed. 

It seems the more I visit the town of Newharrow the more I find it charming. It is a welcome change from the wide open fields of the North Downs, or the crowded bustle of Bree. Just the other day I had stopped in the Prancing Pony for a good chat with a few townsfolk, and some music. Along comes a chap by the name of Sidwell, who invites me to go fishing in Newharrow on the spot! We spent a delightful afternoon fishing in the lake behind the Mad Boar. I even fished up a few rusty daggers. I shall have to look around in town and see if I can get them apprised.