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Page 12. The Questioning

I was questioned by The Watch today related to Burke Haymoor’s death. I told them I had merely treated him to my best knowledge. It is the truth, or at least the better half of it.

I was brought in for questioning by a younger Watchman with a rash on his palm. He could have the lover’s disease. When I inquired if he had boils in his crotch he turned as crimson as The Prancing Pony’s carpets. He left the room resembling a hare fleeing a hungry fox. I shall take that as a ’yes’. I predict he will return to me when his skin starts fleeing down across his pant leg.

On my way back home I saw them bringing Bradley Bloom in for questioning. One of the guards near the door mentioned to another that it was Bradley who had killed Burke Haymoor.

I suppose I would have felt a sting in my heart if I would have one.

For my lack of fuzzy feelings toward Bradley or any beings in general, he will be judged for a crime of another man. However it is evident to anyone with a pair of eyes and a flicker of wit that he is not an innocent man. During the past three years I have patched two jaws, three noses, one forearm and four fingers he has broken. Far from innocent. More so a disease that causes severe bruising and moderate bleeding.

As they passed me, I called after Bradley to inquire if the hearing to his left ear had returned. He shook his head, appearing slightly confused by my question. I told the guards I would very much like to come to look at his ear the next day to continue an on-going treatment.

The guard grunted ’yes’ or ’no’. I think he had a sore throat. Could be common cold or something more severe like lack of interest to what he is saying. I will attempt to return tomorrow to get a look at Bradley's ear. I would hate it if they would hang him before I figured out why he lost his hearing. A waste of good riddle.