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Tîn Gilith - Page 1

Several reports and files are kept together within Archives in Rivendell and hold details on the elf named Tîn Gilith

According to records in the old census books of the Kingdom of Arnor, recovered and protected by the Elves of Rivendell and Lothlórien, Tin Gilith was born in 1981 T.A., at the time of the construction of Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien. Gilith is the only child of the Gilindir, a Noldo elf originally from Lindon serving in the personal guard of the Lord and Lady, and Nessithil, a Silvan Elf from a noble family of the Woodland Realm. At birth Gilith is unusually silent. She appears as a healthy newborn elf but does not make a sound. Her father Gilindir takes this as a good omen and name his daugther ' Tîn Gilith ' meaning 'Silent Starlight' in Sindarin

Raised into a life of duty, loyalty and dedication to the Lord and Lady, Gilith grows into a kind and well educated child. She found herself quite apt at the arts and gardening. Despite her noble heritage, her life is one of a humble existence, never asking for much and never taking much that was on offer to her. She is very precocious like all the Elven children and develop a strong sense of dignity and fairness; she believes all Elves are created equal and the position in which one is born into matters not in the eyes of the Lord and Lady.

Birth Certificate 

On the 6th day of second moon of summer, in the year 1981 of the Third Age of the Sun, born in Caras Galadhon during the reign of the Lord and Lady of Lorien, as the first child to her parents Lord Gilindir and Lady Nessithil. Tîn Gilith is named as first heir to the Household.