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It was a sunny spring afternoon and Fiontann was enjoying or rather was getting sick of being in the bed all day long after the injury. The bolt came from a crossbow and pierced his left side, he was lucky to not have it come out of the back for he was next to the waggon when the port opened and he was shot. Now after being treated by the members of [[The Black Steel]. The hour passed fast, luckily for him for the moment and the sun started to set, letting a big shade expand over the village. Fion saw that it was getting dark and kept his gaze on the window, watching it get darker and darker.Once it got completely dark he pushed himself up slowly, wincing from the stinging pain of the wound and took the four or five steps to cover the distance between his bed and the fireplace. Carefully he sat on the floor and threw five or six logs in the fire to feed it and keep it light till sleep would come.

As soon as he threw them all in the fire and used the cane to get up a knock was heard on the door, Fion walked into the main room of his house, straight to the door, slowly, trying to not move his torso too much in case the wound would bleed and opened the door. Upon the porch stood a young man of a short stature, dark haired and with freckles, he was the errand runner from the post office, no more than nine-teen years old. In his hands was a big bundle, something wrapped in a rough piece of cloth, it seemed to be too big and heavy for him and one would wonder how he managed to carry it all the way there if not for the cart that stood outside of the yard of Fiontann's house.
"Package for Mr Fiontann." he said, he was panting and trying to hold his breath as he slowly extended his hands, they were shaking but the man was smiling politely as if nothing was wrong. Fiontann, seeing the man in trouble got hold of it to held, but due to his injury he had to bend his knees quiclky to prevent the bundle from hitting the floor, falling on his knees he felt that there was something made of metal. Carefully he put it aside, leaning against the door post and searched his pouch, finding five or six coppers, he paid the man for his service and after he ran to the cart Fion went inside. He sat on the bench that he has next to the door with the bundle on it and looked at it, he could feel that there was a sword inside.

Slowly he started unwrapping it with care, not knowing what it was yet. The first thing uncovered was a greatsword which was familiar but first he wanted to see all that was inside. Next fell of a slightly dusty star, he knew what that star was, the sigil of that folk he didn't much like, the Rangers, the Dunedain, it made him start thinking why was it brought to him, he was openly saying he didn't like Rangers, except for only three of them, maybe four, but no more than four. Next his hand grabbed a shoulderpad and pulled it out, it was broken and had seen much use and lastly into the cloth was a diary and a small book, inside was a diary and a letter protruding from it, first half of the letter was written in Sindarin, the second in Westron. Fiontann guessed that it was a translation but he couldn't be sure, nevertheless he read it and what was written inside cut his breath, made his hands and knees shake and brought a feeling of emptiness inside, then the emptiness blackened with anger and lastly it became hollow and cold.

Greetings, friend,

I was lucky to find your name in Acharno's diary. There I found that you are a good friend of hers. My heart bleeds for what I have to deliver to you. Acharno has gone missing and is presumably dead. Her shoulderguard was found in the place of least chance of survival. We are stopping the search since it's been several months since. We are very sorry for your loss. Bury or keep as a memory those Items we have sent you. This is all she left behind. Bury and honour her like the warrior she was, Her spirit shall rest where her heart comes from - the North. I dared to read through the diary more than I should have. She adored you, my friend.

Yours sincerely, 

His eyes fell on the star which he picked up, he squeered it into his hands till some of its ends made it bleed but he couldn't feel, he was numb, devoid from all emotions. He stared at it blankly for several moments, his blood starting to flow on it. He drew a deep breath and let it go in the form of a quiet grunt and prepared to throw it to the floor, aiming to smash it, he closed his fist around it and lifted his hand high. But he couldn't, the only thing he managed to say was "Damn you Rangers, damn you and your so called duty!" and lowered his hand again, still keeping the star, in the end he wiped the blood off on his jacket on his chest where his heart is and put it next to him. He picked up the sword. He haven't seen it many times but he remebered it well, he once fought against it in a spar.
It was a greatsword, named Torograug, one and only sword used by Acharno of Eriador. Crafted to fit her grip and weight. Unlike normal elven swords, this one has a crossguard, which was something Acharno asked the metalsmith of Rivendell to forge. It is finely crafted and decorated, where hilt is mostly gold plated and leather wrapped. The sword is lighter than any other, yet it almost never loses its sharpness and is a deadly weapon. He held it in one hand, him being bigger than her and it was made for her stature it looked like a longsword in his right hand. He admired it and looked in his reflection, then he saw Acharno's face for a moment and he put it next to him as well.

The shoulderguard was worn from the uses and had marks on it, obviously having seen many battles, hence why it was broken. He looked at it all over and in the end he put it down next to him as well. The last thing that Fiontann took to inspect was the diary which he read all night long. He read and read until he reached the final notes, mention him and The Black Steel, how she thought that they didn't need her, that he, didn't care for her. And that burned him! How could she not know, then again she didn't stay enough and she was always in distress when they met, showing that she had forgotten the moments they shared together.  He hid the diary and the letter along with the important papers that he has that are to be carried over to the main building of The Black Steel land turned to the other things.

Gently he picked the star up and put it in an inner pocket of his jacket, he was going to keep it on him from now on, even if there would be any Ranger to oppose to that, they'd have to fight him to get him to take it off. The sword was in a good condition and sharp, it only needed a sheath, that would be easy, he'd find someone to make one for him, a special one because from now on that's the sword he'd use with his shield. The shoulderguard was broken but a metalsmith would sure mend it again for use, he knew that Sigfread would oppose him having the star and the shoulderguard but the answer would be the same, "Come and get it if you can!".

His slow steps took him to his desk where he looked over the maps he possesses, along with her diary, he had to find out where she was last. Mirkwood... He might have heard her mention it too once or twice but now he was sure where she was, he spent the night over her diary and the maps, as well as some books, trying out to find more about it. In the end, seeing that almost no book had any information about it, except that it was an Elven land he decided that he had to talk to Sigfread about it, but without telling sharing his thoughts with him. Soon Sigfread will take Lieta to Forochel, others will follow for sure but Fiontann will have to remain behind due to his injury, or he can set off on his own in a quest to at least say one that he felt what one felt! But for now everything should be kept in the back of his head for the good of everyone.