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Burdens that we have

As ever, the heavily built Eorling's footfall betrayed his departure. Making to stride out, horn cup in hand. The man had become somewhat accustomed to the air of anger and disappointment over the past week, and he allowed the waves of ill feeling to wash over him for a few moments, standing tall, breathing deep.

Audelwyn wanders up the stairs as she stops and blinks. Tilting her head, her eyes peer up at the man on the top before she lifts a hand to wave a little bit.

Haethcyn climbed down a few blocks of the wooden, ancient stairs, scanning the ground. Though he would be quick enough to notice the wave of hand from the maiden he knew from somewhere. ''G'day.'' he uttered a sigh, feigning a bright smile.

Audelwyn walks up closer until she stands on equal step to him, although she would be fairly short still. "Are you from around here?" She asks, tilting her head a bit before she pauses, "I haven't been in town for very long. I'm still getting to know everyone." She then pauses as her eyes blink and her hand darts out to wave again, "Oh yes, I am Audelwyn by the way."

Haethcyn drifted his gaze aside, squaring his shoulders as he glanced down at her to hold her gaze. Tightening his eyes as chains, the man answered ''Ah, ya. We've met I trust... Haethcyn I am named.''

Audelwyn furrows he rbrows a bit as she says, "We've met before?" Confusion lines her expression, "When have we met? I'm sorry, my memory is quite terrible."

Haethcyn would allow a bittersweet smirk crack in his bearded face, looking aside for a moment. ''Maybe a couple of weeks ago? Your friends have introduced me themselves.'' he ran a hand upwards to adjust the chain torque around his neck. ''In the tavern that is.''

Audelwyn thinks for a moment as her eyes drift away. She then blinks and looks back, "Oh! Right, I remember. We did meet."

Haethcyn gave a smile wide with his wolf teeth that was soon to disappear, taking a brief sip from the cup, more of manners than thirst, he cocked his head. ''So, how are you?''

Audelwyn shrugs a bit as she a little smile crosses her features, "Oh very well. I've had the opportunity to wander out and hunt which is always very enjoyable. And you? How are you enjoying Aldburg?"

Haethcyn frowned faintly at the thought as if he wasn't expecting the same question to be pointed at himself. ''I'm well, as I can be.'' he cocked his head, eyeing her for the briefest of moments ''My hunting plan was rejected by the Reeve's men.'' it was uttered with a sigh, he seemed to decide on sitting, leaning his chest back and stretching his legs forth.

Audelwyn pauses for a moment before she lowers herself into a sitting position as well, "Really? Why is that?" She asks.

Haethcyn closed his eyes, clenched them even. Exhaling slowly, he set the cup down. Small droplets of amber liquid leapt high from the vessel as salmon in autumn. Resting on worn leather-clad knuckles, the man finally spoke. ''Going for a hunt beyond the safe borders, in Everholt was decided to be too dangerous for common men as us, farmers.'' Trailing off, he smirked in anger.

Audelwyn furrows her brows as she says, "I'm sorry to hear that. I know there's decent game in the forests around town at least. I was able to shoot a hind myself with the assistance of a friend's dogs."

Haethcyn traveled his blue eyes about the distance, casting them across the wooden walls and watchtowers. ''Hind, eh. Not very bad.'' he smiled turning to her.

Audelwyn grins a little bit from the compliment as she nods a bit, "I don't have too many skills, but my bow is one of the few I am decent with." She says, lifting her chin up a little. She then asks, "What about you? What sort of game have you gotten?"
Haethcyn grinned with something akin to irony, deeply eyeing her ''In truth, not quite different than yours.'' he lifted up his bearded chin, staring ahead ''Bears, elks, rabbits, boars...'' he paused, turning to match her gaze ''And a brother.''

Audelwyn nods a few times as she goes to say something, but then stops, "Wait, a brother?"

Haethcyn tilted his great, shaggy head back a way, eyes rolling as he did so. His gaze, until now distant and watery, came once more into sharp focus. ''I've killed my brother in a hunting accident.'' he eyed her motionlessly ''Priceless slaughter, horribly done.''

Rhaedwulf nods solemnly as he passes the two on the Mead Hall stairs. His gruff voice growls as he heads away "May the day go well with you both."

Audelwyn nods to the person passing before she looks back to Haethcyn, "Oh, that's horrible. I'm so sorry to hear that."

Haethcyn nodded at the armoured man who passed by. ''And yours.'' He would later look back at Audelwyn. The man's jaw worked around silent words for a few long moments before they were found, and given voice. ''Though long days were sped, I still bear its burden. But life goes on, eh. We have to live with it.'' he concluded, head cocking to the side.

Audelwyn nods a little bit as she offers him a little smile, "I'm afraid so. I must admit I've recently lost someone I was close to in a fairly unpleasant way. Although not through hunting. But sadly, we must live with the burdens."

Haethcyn nodded his head several times subconsciously, his right hand finding the horn cup, once taking a goodly gulp of it, he would hand it to her. ''You think you need a mead?'' a straw-hued brow was lifted like an arrow.

Audelwyn reaches out to take the horn cup as she laughs, "I always could use some mead." She says with a faint amusement as she sips from the cup. She then holds it back out to him.

Haethcyn would lower his head, shaking it with a smile. He accepted the horn cup back and without a break, took several long drafts of it. ''Careful, it blurs your wits, and aim.'' he stole a glance at her.

Audelwyn lets out a little laugh as she says, "Luckily I do not need my aim tonight."

Haethcyn narrowed his eyes, the vision of a memory coming to pass before his blue eyes. ''I knew someone who could not find the door. And we had to show him the way. Ill luck that he stumbled towards the barn, or more like... horse-shit.'' he didn't chuckle, barely staring ahead.

Audelwyn furrows her brows as she tilts her head, "Now that sounds like an interesting story."

Haethcyn nodded once, blinking. ''Yeah, I suppose.'' After a while, he would rise tall, gazing down at her ''The hour grows late. I better take my leave.''

Audelwyn nods as she rises herself, "Of course. I'll see you around, yes?" She says with a soft smile.

Haethcyn adjusted his baldric of supple leather that held his battle-sword and coin pouch tight. Taking the briefest of moments to look back at her ''I do ride to Aldburg now and then. -- So long.'' he smiled, climbing down the strong stairs with a quick pace therafter.

Audelwyn smiles as she waves to him while he leaves.