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A Treasure Hunt!

Tindir paced up and down the small chamber which was appointed to him as Field Commander of Hammer, clearly pondering while waving the document he received from Tingruviel in his right hand, as if he wanted the ink to dry. At every sharp turn he made, he lifted it, and glanced at the Lady Ambassador, then continued his pacing back and forth.

Suddenly he stopped in front of his ash wooden chair and plumped into it.

“We cannot sit idle my lady, Lord Anglachelm would not forgive us our negligence if we left this information until the ones from the north return, we must act now!”

Tindir read the paper again, tracing every word with his right index finger, as if looking for some secret information between them.

“An artifact from Gondolin, a part of one of the two Fountains of the South”

He slapped the document on the map table next to him and dropped in thoughts, leaving his guest there, where she handed it to him.

He remained as such for a rather long period until he slowly raised his head showing a faint smile.

“My Lady Tingruviel, do excuse my discourteous behavior, it is not my normal conduct, let me.. “

Tindir rised up from his chair and walked to his little wine cabinet, and poured a deep dark red wine onto two beautiful glasses decorated with dancing silver swans.

“Let us both sit, Lady Ambassador, and let me reveal my thoughts about this matter”

“I think this is the time that Fountain, the Order, should release itself from Hammer, free itself from under its black protective cloak, and show all what its truly worth.”

He looked Tingruviel in the eyes and listened to her short, but clear response.

“Indeed, I am aware of that, that is why I want to ask my old friend Khalis Imieran to lead this search, he has the experience, and is trustworthy. He should choose his own companions from Fountain, because, as a leader of warriors in the past, he would demand reliable accompanists on a expedition like this. But……”

“This company should also include one who would recognize this ornament, one who has actual seen it, one who lived in the hidden valley of Tumladen, and…”

“Also travelling with this band should be a member of Pillar, one who is able to keep record of what passes, and one who possesses a silver tongue, one who could act as sharp-witted diplomat. This journey might take them further south than we can imagine now.”

Tindir came upright from his chair, took Lady Tingruviel’s now empty glass, and returned it, along with his own, to the wine cabinet.

“Would you be so kind, Lady Ambassador, to inform Lord Khalis about these plans, so he can make preparations. I will talk to him myself shortly.”