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Case #502: The death of Harhanar.


Time of day: 


Beginning in the Prancing Pony, ending outside the stables


Persons Involved:

Victims: Harhanar
Witnesses: Velvette, Raevenhart, Ithelion, Brynleigh



A few nights ago, a young, blonde haired woman by the name of Velvette came to confess a crime-- she said she'd murdered someone. She was taken in to provide further details.

Her side of the story was that a man had come into the Inn, and after some conversation, threatened Brynleigh with rape and claimed he'd raid the inn with his band of brigands in some time. He'd proceed to leave the inn when confronted by some other patrons, where he took chase. He was caught, and a few of the witnesses shoved a tonic down his throat-- which he began to choke on, after Velvette attempted to punch it out of the man's body. Thus, she'd charged herself with murder.

She mentioned the name of the man-- a Gondorian named Harhanar, a previous acquaintance of Officer Chordsmith. She also mentioned the name of the two witnesses-- Raevenhart and Ithelion. After her role being deemed an accident in the situation, she was let go.

A day later, Officer Chordsmith had summoned the witnesses for a meeting, in which they were asked for their side of the story. It was similar to Velvette's, although, they claimed the tonic was only a mixture of rotten cabbage and leaves. They insisted their innocence and that the man's eventual choking was a complete accident, and it was Velvette's attempts to help him that caused the fatality.

This lead me, Chordsmith, to eventually reach back to Velvette, but she'd been murdered herself, possibly as revenge by members of Harhanar's gang.

Conclusively, no charges were lain; witnesses are free to go.