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Oh De Lally! What a Night!

It was dusk when Aallan could hear footsteps coming through the Chetwood.  At last, he could have his chance to talk with his father and give him a piece of his mind, or perhaps even with some luck even get him to leave Bree-Town and go about his buisiness.  Unfortunately, he was not so lucky, as he scaled his way to the canopies of the forest, he could also see seven more armed men accompanying the man who called himself his father.  Upon further inspection from where he was, and the foliage covering him, he could make out the uniforms of these seven men.  They were none other than the Bree-Watch.. all  of who appeared to be armed with bows no less.

He could make out a small conversation between two of the men.  One of them appeared to be the away leader of the watch's party, while the other was Richard himself, riding on horseback only to dismount moments after.  From what he heard though, it could be along the lines of determination and barely concealed contempt.  

As Aallan observed the two, he could make out Richard saying something.. He seemed to say "Stay together, lest he picks us off one by one."

The leader of the watch's party appeared to reply to Richard.  As the expeditionary party of armed men came closer to Aallan's meeting spot, the man in the trees could recognize the watchman... Adalbart.  Of course he had his brown and yellow guard uniform, as well as his bushy brown beard underneath the helmet.  

Moments later, however, Aallan could spot a familiar face to him, which belonged to a man younger than him running through the forest, stopping, then catching his breath.  Of course he could see the brown attire contrasting with his dark brown hair as it was Dryn.  "What the.. Dryn?  What's he doing here?"  Aallan muttered before he made a leap to another large branch.  He couldn't hear much of the next conversation, though there was shouting from Adalbart to tie Dryn to a tree.  This of course was after apparent protests against the watch going to hurt his friend, who little did any of them know was still up in the trees.  

The watch party seeing Dryn's exhaustion, they were ordered to move in and tie him against the tree.  Before they could move him, Aallan could see Richard viciously kick Dryn in the side, growling at him over something to do with a question of why he left his "son" when he was four years of age.  At that moment, Aallan Scarlet gritted his teeth and clenched his daggers.  If he could time it just right, perhaps he could take out the bastard in shining armor before the watch could do him in...    No.  Not this way.  He set up his "archers" and snares for the sole case of Richard bringing men with him, and by the heavens he was going to implement them.  He leaped towards the tree with his bows armed and ready to loose.  Just a bit closer he thought.. 

"Once they cross... disable a few of them first."  Aallan continued to think.  

Meanwhile, he could see Richard and Adalbart treading below the trees.  It was then Richard could hear something.. looking around, he heard something crack, and yelled, "Get down!"  Five arrows flew through the forest and missed Richard and Adalbart, though one of the men wasn't so lucky.. he had been hit in the leg by an arrow, while another was struck down by the ambush.

"It's a trap!"  Aallan could hear Adalbart cry out, "You!  Tend to the wound and keep Dryn secure."  

"You son of a..." Richard growled as he saw a flash of red on the rock at the other side of where they stood.  Chuckling resounded from the tree tops, as the rest of the armed men stormed forward to find Scarlet... However, as Richard, Adalbart, and two other men advanced into the bush, the former could feel something around his foot.  That something then dragged him upwards and upside down, leaving him dangling and dropping his sword to the ground.  This of course was the fate of two more of the watchmen.  Helpless to stop Adalbart, Richard could only yell out for him to not take another step, though it was too late, as he too was dragged upward.  Fortunately for him, his grip on his axe was not loosened, as he swung to free himself from the snare.  

Aallan saw his chance and climbed down one of the trees to find Dryn tied and gagged to it. As he went to cut the ropes, he glanced and kept his attention on the now furious Adalbart, who was charging with a furious sprint in armor and holding a cudgel.  It did not take even ten seconds before Dryn was freed from his bonds, before he then called for another companion.  This of course took the form of a great wolf, as it leaped forth to protect his friend.  "Atta boy, Ghost.", was basically what Dryn said, as he readied himself.

Adalbart signaled for his remaining men to advance on Aallan, Dryn, and Ghost.  Adalbart then mentioned something about how Brynleigh was terrified for the man in red.  So many questions rushed through his head as he glanced back and forth between the watchmen.  What did they do to Brynleigh, why were they going to such lengths to help a man who's word was worth nothing, what on earth was going on in Bree in Aallan's absence, and so forth.  

He then could only notice Adalbart was standing on something...

"We know you have no snares here." Adalbart called out.

"I'd double check if I were you." Aallan replied, while cooly pointing to the ground where the captain stood.  As if on cue, another snare caught a watchman and dragged him upward to dangle upside down.  This would not be enough, as the remaining few or two members of the watch aside from their captain drew their bows.  Dryn looked to Aallan, seeing if he had a master plan behind all this madness.  Though he wasn't expecting any of this to happen, he had made sure to prepare for the worst.  That was when he stepped forward, and gave a whistle through his fingers.  At that moment, a horse named Longfellow kicked down one of the watchers, and charged forward to his friend and rider, before Aallan leaped onto him.

Aallan signaled for Dryn to get on, as they were leaving at once.  Adalbart would not allow this, since he made several shots to Longfellow, and ordered whatever man still stood to loose their arrows at the fugitives.  All went well until Aallan could hear a yelp from behind him.  Looking back, he saw an arrow was sticking out of Dryn's left shoulder, and it was bleeding.  He had little time to spare, and he guided Longfellow towards the Midgewater marshes and the ruins it kept.

Arriving to the wall, both riders got off of Longfellow, and the horse simply snorted and waited.. Tending to both wounds, Longfellow was treated with a bandage across his breast and around the neck.  As for Dryn.. Aallan had little choice but to yank the arrow out, douse it with clean water from a flask, and dress it with a bandage from his bag of tricks.  Afterwards, Dryn and he discussed an idea to find better treatment, and settled for going to the homesteads outside of Bree, where in which Dryn resided in one of the houses.

Once there, things became much easier on the two as Aallan helped patch Dryn up, since it was not easy for one to bandage up a shoulder and chest by himself.  Then came the issue of Dryn's dilemma.  As Dryn informed Aallan, the former had an idea.  He would call up for a protest of sorts against how the watch was acting as of late.  Aallan suggested he himself should be the one to do it, since it was he who the watch wanted dead, and not Dryn.  However, Dryn was already writing to another man in the watch, and the notice for the town board.    Now came the issue of sneaking back into town.

It was no surprise Dryn had little variety in clothing, though with the suggestion of wearing a red hooded cloak over a black robe, they both had an idea.  Dryn's disguise would seem to be, at least in Aallan's eyes, a scholarly man.  Dryn of course informed him he was good at sign language, and could feign being mute.  Aallan on the other hand, knew more than just stealing, as he could use his hands to finally begin a professional career as a tailor, or at least as part of his disguise.  The two chatted along the way to Bree, and they agreed that until things returned to normal, they would go by different names and different professions...