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Writings behind bars

It's been a while since I wrote, hasn't it?  Lucky for me the guards didn't take my parchment and pen.  Why I put myself behind bars is a rather funny story.

It sort of started after Dryn and I agreed to put on disguises for a while.  I would be the eccentric tailor Jack Snip, while Dryn would take on the persona of Orander the mute scholar.  Things went off almost without a hitch, as I made plans to open up shop a few days down the line.  Honest work in a dishonest circumstance, I know.  I then decided to make my new name known throughout the town and the outlying villages.

First, I went to the Pony once again, and introduced myself as Jack Snip... however, it was not a good time for my entrance, as bad things flock to it like moths to a lantern.  Taking my act on the road out of town, I knocked on the doors of the good folk to sell my service.  Things went well for me until I got to the residence of Brynleigh and her fiancee Conrob.  I of course kept up the act of being a tailor, and even patched up a dress she had accidentially torn.  Things went rather well until Baldmar happened to stroll his way through the door.  Not wanting to be rude, I thought of leaving and allowing the couple to have the service for free, since I had heard of what happened to my dear friend in the jailhouse.  -Something about Richard is mostly scrawled out, though what little legible does not read out to be nice.-  It was only a matter of time before Baldmar sniffed me and suspected me to be a spy or worse.  As much as I tried to reassure him, I could tell my accent was slipping up, and soon the jig was up.  I had to tip my hat and show them who I was.  This revelation had sent the skin changer into a near blind rage at me, even threatening me to slam me through the table if not for the fact it was her house.  Granted I didn't flinch at the anger, but something was very clear:  Either turn myself in and face the gallows, or be hunted down like a rabid dog and killed without mercy.

I said my goodbyes to the three before heading to the jail house in Bree.  I of course had asked to wait for either Adalbart or Corrben to reveal myself in front of them.  I should be thankful the latter arrived, due to the good will I squandered with the former in my trap set for that bugger dear ol' dad.  Of course his secretary Tholorast had arrived on the scene, and gloated about how I was a liar, fraud, cheat, murderer, something... My main reason for turning myself in was to explain everything I could on the charges, such as saving a young woman's life from... that thing I call a bugger.  I even told them I returned the stolen property to the victims, as I thought it would be worth while.  When I was asked about the trap, I honestly replied how I didn't want to kill anybody, but rather shove them off so as to escape with nobody hurt.  I finally decided to tell them about Dryn, and not to throw him under the proverbial cart, especially in light of Ol' bastard Richard.  Corrben agreed, and to my non-surprise, Dryn took off his disguse and was thankfully not arrested right there and then.

Next few days were rather uneventful.. except yesterday night.  The miserable sack in armor had the gall to show up to my cell to.. I don't know, taunt me?  He stated he would gladly be my executioner and see to it I die painfully.  He even had said if he wanted to, he could kill me and not be arrested for it.  Utter bullcrap is what I say.  In any case, I knew if I were to be pronounced guilty, I'd have to either break out and make a run for it, or die.  There was some comfort in reading what Tholorast hadn't found on me, such as a few scrolls on lore, and a booklet on how to weave with gold.  

Just this night, the future Barleycorns came to visit my cell, and offer whatever they could.   I told them I would be fine, and everything would work out.  Of course Brynleigh came in a while before Conrob showed up.  Still can't stand the way the slimeball bugger of a deadbeat dad dick could treat her, Dryn, Amanda....