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A request to his Father

I know it has been a long time since I wrote last time.  I should be rather brief with this one, since I don't have much access to parchments or a quill pen... 

First I had to inform Brynleigh, and indirectly Conrob of where I would be hiding for the time being.  I of course told Cesistya of my wherabouts... Though I then had to kiss Brynleigh.  I wish I didn't, but I should have seen my own idiocy coming.  Even with letting the two have wedding clothes, the situation might not be so relaxed.  Conrob was far less than amused, and he probably wanted to never speak to me again, if I wasn't sincere.  I really am (The next few lines are smudged out or rendered illegible) I'm glad I still have at least SOME friends around, but for how long...?  I'm sure Conrob will simply tell the others what happened if need be.  I might be found as a liar either way.  On the other hand, I could have been smart and gave up any contact with the two, which I almost did.  I never really deserved friends anyway.  

The most important thing for now is I intend to give Dickard a piece of my mind.  I refuse to call him my father ever since he abandoned me at the jailhouse, no matter how many excuses he gives.  I just need to work out an escape plan for the likely event of him bringing the watch in his stead.  All I hope is that my friends are unharmed in this ordeal.  From what I've heard him say, he's still trying to turn everybody against me.  He's done a damn good job with wrapping the watch around his finger, as they're coming after only me.  If he's desperate, he might start kidnapping just to draw me out.  If that happens, I will kill him in cold blood and damn the consequences.  In any case, I won't run from him any more.