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Osgiliath Campaign: Last second changes.

''Mablung decided to go the other way. We are not meeting up at Bar Hurin. I understand his decisions, meeting point is too far away and we are so close to Osgiliath. He said we better try our luck at night, swimming to the culverts. There were rumours some rangers still reside within the city despite constant horde patrols all around. So they hide within culverts. We don't have much chance of surviving anyways, so it is better to try.''

The squad composed of remaining nine rangers picked up boats at their checkpoint which mainly were used to get to the west side. However, three boats was just enough to get six people over. Two of the nine were sent to Bar Hurin to deliver news of change in plans. One was sent to the west side, notify the forces of Minas Tirith about failed night and current situation within Ithilien. Now there were six left to travel to culverts. No one would've questioned Mablung He is the only captain of the squad one of the only remaining captains within the ranger oppressing force. He probably knew what was better for everyone.

''Me and Hardy will go first. Dan and Callen second. Haskel and Faruil will close the chain. Keep a distance between each other. Row quietly, snapping flames and darkness will help numb our presence.''

With that, Mablung and the rest began their journey towards Osgiliath. Aelidan was not calm at that point. A simple realisation that they are heading right in the middle of the enemies stronghold gave him shimmer and fear he has not felt for a long time. But job is job, orders are orders.

The most intense moment was when they were getting through the ruins. Aelidan noticed the presence of still awake orcs wandering across bridges. He also noticed bodies. A lot of bodies. It wasn’t just the fact of dead people, more how they looked. Some were piked, some dismembered. There was a group of orcs almost near the bank literally playing with a corpse. Disgracing it further with blades. Aelidan imagined himself on the place of that specific dead person. That is when the panic started.

“Brace yourself. They are dead, we cannot do anything about that.’’

That was Callen, his whisper sounded like a relief. Callen visually saw the panic, knowing ahead how it looks like. At least having someone trying to comfort you is already calming. Callen was not Aelidan’s friend, but nevertheless he cared about him. After all, they are in the same boat and if one starts panicking – the other one is doomed as well.

They’ve reached culverts. But nothing was easier after that. Just when Mablung stopped his boat by the bank – he gave signal to the rest to be quiet, silent. A group of wandering orcs were searching rubble just next to the entrance. They have not noticed the presence of rangers as everything was silent. Mablung gestured to nock arrows. As soon as orcs got in the vision of six, arrows were nocked and aimed. A clucking quiet sound came out of Mablung's mouth. It was a fraction of second between orcs turning around at the sound and barrage of arrows pinning them to the wall. There was no sign of life in them. The company unloaded boats, settled dead orcs in them and let boats stride forth along the stream.

“We don’t know what’s inside, chaps. But now there is no way back. We better hope that we can find haven here.”

With that, remaining six rangers entered unknown to them culverts. All hope fell on finding allies and not enemies inside. But, if their assumptions were wrong – who knows how long they will last in a sieged city.